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Andhra Pradesh employee is chased by mob

Published Aug 25, 2016, 12:55 am IST
Updated Aug 25, 2016, 12:59 am IST
Telangana staffers want AP workers out
Telangana state employeesalleged that the PS, hailing from AP was allotted to TS in bifurcation, was insulting TS staff.
 Telangana state employeesalleged that the PS, hailing from AP was allotted to TS in bifurcation, was insulting TS staff.

Hyderabad: One more Andhra Pradesh-origin employee was manhandled by Telangana state employees at Telangana Secretariat on Wednesday.

The TS outsourcing employees in social welfare department attacked Ch. Srinivasa Rao, who is working as private secretary to social welfare secretary Benhur Mahesh Dutt Ekka, accusing him of harassing TS employees.They alleged that the PS, hailing from AP was allotted to TS in bifurcation, was insulting TS staff, keeping their medical bills pending for months and denying leaves.


Recently, AP-origin woman employee T. Padmavathi, who was working as PS to finance secretary Navin Mittal also faced the wrath of TS staff, who alleged that she harassed Telagnana   staff following which the government transferred her immediately.

The TS staff then raised slogans “Andhra employees go back” for over an hour.
Tension prevailed at D-Block in TS Secretariat for two hours when outsourcing employees from all other departments gathered and took out a rally to social welfare department located on first floor, raising slogans against AP-origin staff working in Telangana.


The TS staff stormed into Mr Srinivas Rao's chambers and manhandled him. He was forcefully brought outside his chambers and was chased out of the block by raising “Andhra employees go back” slogans.

The TS staff alleged that Mr Rao was resorting to corruption in the department and insulting TS staff by not allowing them to meet the secretary to air their grievances.

“All our petitions addressed to the secretary and submitted at PS office were being thrown into the dustbin. Our medical bills were kept pending for months. Leaves are not being granted. Women employees are being harassed. We will not tolerate this discrimination and highhandedness of Andhra staff in our Telangana state. He should be repatriated to AP immediately,” said Y. Somayajulu, an outsourcing employee.


The TS staff said that they were successful in ensuring the transfer of an AP-origin woman employee in finance department who harassed TS staff and they would not calm down till Mr Srinivas Rao is also transferred.
However, Mr Rao denied the allegations levelled by TS staff saying that he was being targeted just because he hailed from AP.

“I have every right to work in TS. No one has right to deny me job in TS and transfer me to AP just because I hail from AP. They are levelling false allegations against me with a malafide intention of repatriating me to AP” Mr Rao said.


Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad