KTR chides BJP for ‘hatred for Muslims’, trying to ‘Becho India’

Daring the BJP to answer 50 questions he had, Rama Rao said the BJP is working with a sole slogan – Becho India

Hyderabad: Emphatically portending that the TRS would win the GHMC elections and reiterating that their principal rival was the MIM, even as the BJP and Congress would slug it out for number three slot, municipal administration and urban development minister and TRS working president K.T. Rama launched a scathing attack against the BJP, equating their leaders with “cousins of Goebbels”.

Daring the BJP to answer 50 questions he had, Rama Rao said, “the BJP is working with a sole slogan – Becho India. We counter appeal to people – Socho India.”

While addressing a press conference at the Telangana Bhavan, he said, “from state leaders to central ministers, everyone in BJP is spreading hatred and lies. BJP is trying to hide their inefficiency behind lies.”

Alleging that the Narendra Modi Government was on an asset and public enterprises selling spree, he said, “they are selling Air India, Life Insurance Corporation of India and privatizing the prestigious Indian Railways, among others. We are scared they will sell Charminar, Golconda, and privatize GHMC if given a chance.”

Rubbishing the BJP’s chargesheet against his government, Rao said, “in their chargesheet, they called our government the TRS-MIM sarkar. In reality, we were never in alliance with the MIM. This shows their ill-intentions and hatred for the Muslim community.”

Wondering why the BJP even released a chargesheet, he sarcastically said, “is it for TRS achieving exceptional progress in Telangana in just six years, which states like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand, created by the BJP, couldn’t achieve?”

Going on a bombastic rhetoric marked by anaphora, Rama Rao said, “the youth of Hyderabad should file chargesheets against the BJP for cancelling the ITIR project. Migrant workers should file chargesheets against BJP for charging money for rail travel and food expenses during lockdown.”

“Even God should file a chargesheet against the BJP for blaming God for economic slowdown to cover their failed economic policies and inefficiency. When we demand our rightful share in taxes, they term us separatists. But in reality, BJP leaders are the real separatists, who were with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

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