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Central Waqf Council seeks return of 559.61 acres of encroached lands

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Published on: September 24, 2021 | Updated on: September 24, 2021

The Central Waqf Council members praised AP for being most-resolute in the southern states for mapping of the Waqf lands



VIJAYAWADA: The Central Waqf Council has urged the Andhra Pradesh government for help in re-taking 559.61 acres of Waqf lands from encroachers in the state. Council members Noushad, Hanif Ali, Munnavari Begum and Darakshan Andrabi met AP minorities department special secretary Gandham Chandrudu at the state Waqf Board office here on Thursday and discussed the Waqf lands status in AP.

The members praised AP for being most-resolute in the southern states for mapping of the Waqf lands. The state has mapped 50 per cent of the lands by now. The members welcomed the use of information technology and legal management systems towards protection of Waqf lands in the state.

The members promised to strive for allotment of central government funds to AP in relation to Wakf matters and for release of pending dues from Telangana state to AP Waqf Board.

They said that funds were not allotted due to the absence of a Waqf Board for AP and urged the government to appoint a Waqf Board committee and Waqf Tribunal. The members promised help in the implementation of the Shehri Sampat Vikas Yojana scheme in AP and to provide funds for these under the Central Waqf schemes.

AP Waqf Board CEO Aleem Basha said the team will visit various places in the state for two days to inspect Waqf lands. They prepared reports to implement five projects with the support of central funds.

Meanwhile, a delegation of CPF India Pvt Ltd comprising its president (Aqua Operation India) Wichit Kongkheaw and assistant vice president (human resources and general affairs) K Gopinath have called on chief minister Jagan at the camp office here on Thursday.

They handed over a DD for Rs 30 lakh under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) head to the CM. Royal Thai consul general Nitirooge Phoneprsert, and consul Mongkol Siwaluki as also consular officer Syed Mohammad Yusuf were present.

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