Education minister's seven lessons to Pawan Kalyan

VIJAYAWADA: Education minister Botsa Satyanarayana has sought to give seven lessons to Jana Sena founder K. Pawan Kalyan on Sunday to realise the truth about welfare and development that the YSR Congress government led by Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is undertaking.

In his social media post, the minister said, “From today onwards, I'll take tuition for you. But my only condition is that you promise to do your homework! Today's assignment is to go through these seven lessons thoroughly!

Lesson 1: Please know that the AP government is the only one in the world that has given up its power to decide on the eligibility or scope of tenders in public procurement.

Lesson 2: Finalisation of scope and eligibility of any government tender above ₹100 crore is done by a special judge (in this case Justice Shivshankar Rao) appointed with the concurrence of the High Court.

Lesson 3: Tender specifications are put in the public domain giving 21 days for companies to comment/react. Post this, the judge takes a call and tender specifications are locked.

Lesson 4: Ours is the only government in the world to also allow judicial preview, thereby ensuring a level-playing field for all companies.

Lesson 5: A basic Google search will give you details of all the companies that engaged with the government in this particular tender (been in the public domain since August 2022); but sharing the link again so that there's no way you miss it!”

Lesson 6: As far as AP’s education sector is concerned, we are proud to say that we are the ‘most transparent’ department, where results are out there for everyone to see!

Lesson 7: I feel sorry for your teachers, who must be feeling ashamed for every attempt you make to mislead the public. But like I said, I am open to giving you tuition as long as you promise to be attentive and apply your brains!”

Countering this post of minister Satyanarayana, Pawan Kalyan posted a story that appeared on an online web portal about AP teachers criticising Jagan for bringing Byju’s content to state government schools. Pawan posed four questions and three points, asking if the Jagan government is going to purchase five lakh tablets for students at an expenditure of ₹580 crore next year.

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