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ZP-TP polls: Poll fever over, it’s reshuffle time, says CM Siddaramaiah

Published Feb 24, 2016, 6:41 am IST
Updated Feb 24, 2016, 6:48 am IST
‘ZP-TP poll results are not encouraging for Congress’; they can’t be a referendum on govt: Siddaramaiah.
Congress supporters celebrate their candidate’s victory in ZP-TP polls in Bengaluru.
 Congress supporters celebrate their candidate’s victory in ZP-TP polls in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru: On a day when the ruling Congress party secured a slender victory in the ZP-TP polls, Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah announced that he would carry out the much awaited cabinet reshuffle exercise soon after the forthcoming budget session of the Legislature concludes.

Speaking to reporters at his home office, ‘Krishna’ here, Mr Siddaramaiah said, "Yes, I am planning to carry out the reshuffle soon after the Budget session. Before doing this, I will visit Delhi and consult central leaders."


In the same breath, he added that the reshuffle had no link was the election results or the ‘efficiency’ of his cabinet colleagues.

"None of my cabinet colleagues are inefficient, they are all most efficient. The decision on the reshuffle was taken much earlier to accommodate senior leaders. I will convince central leaders to allow me to take it up," he  said.

Reacting to the ZP-TP results, Mr Siddaramaiah said, "They are not encouraging for the ruling party but these result can never be  termed as a referendum on the government's  performance."


According to him, the Congress has won 46 per cent ZP seats and compared to the 2011 ZP results, the party's seat share has gone up by more than 10 per cent.

“In 2011, BJP had won 44 per cent of the total seats, and the Congress 35 per cent, therefore, we have gained by 10 per cent,” he contended.

According to him, the ZP and TP poll results prove the electorate favours the Congress, but is also a pointer to the fact that the state government needs to work hard.

“We have more than two years to meet people's expectation, we will work hard to meet these expectations,” he said.


Joy for politicos! Sons, grandsons win
The cabinet rank announced recently for a Zilla Panchayat president proved tempting for many youngsters from politically influential families to throw their hats into the ring these elections. Luckily for some, they have come up trumps.

While former minister, Umesh Katti’s son, Nikhil  won from the Ammangi Zilla Panchayat constituency, his rival and  former minister, A B Patil's son,  Pranay was defeated.

In another win for the Katti family, Pavan, son of former MP, Ramesh Katti, won from Nagarmunoli.  


There was cause for double celebration in the family of  former minister, V L Patil too with his grandson,  Pranay  winning from Raibag Rural constituency, and  Pranay's wife,  Gargi , winning from Alagwadi Zilla Panchayat constituency.

The two victories coming on the heels of  the recent win of Pranay’s father,  Vivekrao Patil as MLC from Belagavi,  has resurrected the political fortunes of the family which had dovetailed of late. But fortune did not favour  Mr Rajugouda Patil’s son,  D T Patil, who lost the election from Chikkodi rural constituency.


Excise minister, Manohar Tahasildar, had reason to smile as his son, Raghavendra,  won from Hirur Zilla Panchayat constituency in Hangal taluk of Haveri district.

Also upbeat was Hungund MLA, Vijayanand Kashappanavar whose wife, Veena, won from the Dhannur ZP constituency in Bagalkot district.
Badami MLA, B B Chimmanakatti, was, however, left disappointed as his son, Bhimasen, lost the election from the Mushtigeri Zilla Panchayat constituency, allegedly due to infighting among local leaders during the election.

Former minister, R B Timmapur saw  his sister, Kavita Timmapur,  win from Metagudd Zilla Panchayat constituency in Mudhol taluk of Bagalkot district and  Bagalkot MLA, H Y Meti, saw his daughter,  Bayakka Meti,  win from the Aihole Zilla Panchayat constituency in Bagalkot district.


Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru