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List your assets, BJP tells KCR

Published Jan 24, 2023, 12:59 pm IST
Updated Jan 25, 2023, 7:06 am IST
Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar inaugurates the party state executive committee meeting. (DC)
 Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar inaugurates the party state executive committee meeting. (DC)

MAHBUBNAGAR: The BJP state executive meeting on Tuesday called for a strident battle against the BRS government and Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao with top party leaders urging the rank and file to get ready for the Assembly elections.

State BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar made it clear that the BRS government’s financial mismanagement that had led to the bankruptcy of the state would be the party's key agenda. The focus on state finances would be on what he described as the “enrichment of themselves through looting the state by KCR, and members of his family.”

Telangana was drowning in debt despite the state earning `50,000 crore a year just through liquor sales, he claimed while demanding a White Paper from the KCR family on its wealth and assets in 2014, and its assets and wealth now.

“Telangana is in the grip of problems. All sections of society are facing problems. KCR made the state bankrupt with a `5 lakh crore debt burden and every family has a debt burden of `50,000 per year because of his profligacy,” Sanjay said.

He set a January 30 deadline for the Chief Minister to solve the problems arising for teachers and other government employees because of GO 317, with a warning that if Rao fails to meet the deadline, then the BJP will hold a protest at Dharna Chowk. “There is no question of us letting KCR go free on this issue. We saw a replay of the days of Razakaars the way women teachers and their children were treated by the police,” Sanjay said.

Sanjay warned the party leaders and workers to watch out for “attempts to spread confusion by the Chief Minister. “Be aware that he will target you, your families, try to tarnish your reputations. But we should not be distracted from our goal,” he said.

In the evening, winding up what he called a very productive meeting, Tarun Chugh, BJP general secretary and in-charge of party affairs in the state, said everywhere he went in Telangana he noticed anti-incumbency.

“This is not just anti-incumbency against KCR, there is hate among the people who believe that the corrupt KCR family rule with a Chief Minister who spends his time in his official palace, and a seven-star farm house and runs the government based on ‘tantrik’ advice. People keep saying that KCR is going and that the BJP is coming. This feeling among the people comes from their reflection on how the KCR government has made their lives miserable, and did not keep promises to the people,” Chugh said.

The CM was directing police officers to keep tabs on BJP leaders in an effort to stop them and their activities, but "he should know that this is the BJP which will not bow down, will not be cowed down, but will move ahead and rid Telangana of this Tanashahi Sarkar”, he remarked.

The CM and the BRS government has left governance to the winds, he said, adding more than 60 sarpanchs committed suicide, there are more than one lakh vacancies, there are no teachers, no staff in hospitals.

“And then he has teachers beaten up. Teachers who will shape the future of Telangana by educating its children,” he said.  Taking a dig at the Chief Minister’s family, Chugh said Telangana has to contend with a 'Yuvraj' and a 'yuvrani'. "The family rule has eclipsed Telangana’s potential, robbed the promise of a Bangaru Telangana from turning into a reality," he remarked.


Location: India, Telangana


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