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Sheer hard work helped in rise of NTR, MGR while Chandrababu rose by betrayal: Jagan

Published Nov 24, 2022, 12:53 am IST
Updated Nov 24, 2022, 7:02 am IST
CM Jagan Mohan Reddy  interacts with an elderly during his public meeting in Narsannapeta in the Srikakulam district on Wednesday. (Photo by arrangement)
 CM Jagan Mohan Reddy interacts with an elderly during his public meeting in Narsannapeta in the Srikakulam district on Wednesday. (Photo by arrangement)

VISHAKHAPATNAM: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Wednesday launched a blistering attack on TD chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu and called him the modern-day Ravana (the ‘demon king’ in Ramayana).

The chief minister was addressing a public meeting on the Jagananna Saswitha Bhoo Hakku – Bhoo Rakshana Pathakam at Narasannapeta in Srikakulam district.

Saying that the time had come to say, ‘Bye-Bye to Babu’, Jagan said, “Those who enjoyed their own property are called property rights holders, but those who appropriated the wealth of others are robbers. Chandrababu robbed the leadership of the TD started and ran by his uncle the late NT Rama Rao.”

Reminding the people of how Chandrababu had seized power by “backstabbing” NTR, the CM said, ‘Those who come to power by forming their own political parties are known as NTR, MGR and Jagan. Those who come to power by betrayal are called Chandrababu.”

“People supporting the Ravana-like Chandrababu should be called as demons. These are the friendly media of Chandrababu and dattaputrudu Pawan Kalyan,” the chief minister said.

Jagan Reddy said Chandrababu has been carrying on with his false propaganda along with his ‘Dusta Chatustayam’ (gang of four) for political gains. Extending his attack on Pawan Kalyan, the chief minister slammed him for "misleading" the people against the YSRC government.

He said, “Chandrababu’s adopted son had visited the Uddanam kidney victims. But what did the former TD government do for kidney patients when it was in power, he asked.

Engaging with the public directly, Jagan urged the people to vote him back to power if their families had benefited under his government. “Benefitted or not? This should be the only parameter for voting for me and my party in the next polls. Politics in the state should transform from a season of cheating to an era of accountability,” he said.

Earlier, Jagan Reddy launched the second phase of the 15-day Saswitha Bhoo Hakku and Bhoo Rakshana Pathakam or the scheme for distribution of land title deeds. He said the title deeds are expected to cover more than 7.92 lakh property owners.

“I have observed that 80 to 90 per cent of the civil cases happen over land issues and improper title deeds. The present survey will end all such hassles once and for all by December 2023,”  he said.

About the scheme, Jagan explained that the state government took the initiative of conducting a comprehensive re-survey of lands, a first in 100 years. The sole objective was to provide litigation- free property rights to the people.

The survey covers 40 lakh public and private properties in 123 urban areas and 85 lakh public and private properties in 13,371 villages.

“This is the first time these municipal lands and village sites have been inspected. The project costs Rs 1,000 crore.  Using cutting-edge tools like drones, operational reference stations and GNSS rovers, AP has become one of the top states in the nation to conduct this extensive resurvey,” the chief minister said.

He said the government instantly sanctioned the requests made to him by the local MLAs and others at the meet. Widening of the Narasannapeta Road at an estimated cost of Rs 10 crore was one among these.

In an incident, an Anakapalli traffic constable Yerramsetti Appa Rao died of heart attack while on duty at the CM programme in Narasannapeta.

On the CM’s way to attend an event in Srikakulam, the CM spotted a child seeking his attention from the huge crowd. Through his convoy, he gestured to them to meet him at the event premises. Later, it was found that a resident, Paluri Siddharth, was seeking the CM’s help for a girl child suffering from a rare brain disease. The child's brain weighs more than 40kg.



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