Chandrababu Naidu lauds TDP MLCs

Naidu also alleged that TDP MP Jayadev Galla was harassed physically and mentally.

Amaravati: While having a teleconference with the party MLAs, MLCs and other leaders, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief N Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday lauded his party's MLCs for fighting extraordinarily in the council on Wednesday as after the debate the Decentralisation Bill (for setting up of three capitals) was sent to select committee.

"TDP MLCs fought extraordinarily in the council yesterday. They saved dharma, state future and democracy. TDP floor leader in council Yanamala Ramakrishnudu's experience and expertise gave life to democracy. Young MLCs acted bravely," he added.

Naidu also accused the YSR Congress Party ministers of attacking and abusing the Legislative Council Chairman MA Sharif, general secretary Nara Lokesh during the debate on the bill of decentralisation of capital.

He also claimed that the YSRCP members had abused the Council Chairman and insulted the Muslim community.

"They stopped him (Sharif) from offering namaz. They threatened him that he has family, children and grandchildren. Three ministers attacked Nara Lokesh. But our MLCs stood strong till the end, despite having no food and being ill," he further stated.

"YSRCP acted unilaterally in assembly. It acted adamant without giving a chance for discussion. They stopped the peaceful protest of our MLAs. The Chief Minister himself ordered the marshals to throw away if our MLAs across the ring. At the same time what the ministers did in the council? They climbed up the podium tables, torn papers and thrown it on the chairman. What should be done with these ministers and YSRCP MLCs? In the Council, the power was cut, the internet was stopped and all the cabinet ministers sat in the council and misbehaved. Yet, TDP MLCs used their full energy and saved democracy. This is peoples' victory."

Naidu also alleged that TDP MP Jayadev Galla was harassed physically and mentally.

"He (Galla) was roaming around police stations for 15 hours. He was physically harassed and was sent to jail. The police took me and other MLAs in police vehicles for hours together. Our MLAs from Prakasam district laid down on the road to stop that vehicle. Thus, our MLAs and MLCs acted bravely. Your inspiration will stand forever in history."

"TDP raised the public aspirations in the struggle at the legislative house. Now people should come to the fore. Everyone should involve in a joint action committee (JAC) fight and must participate in today's programs. This should be celebrated as a victory for the people."

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