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Keep off Telangana, TRS MP Kavitha tells Nara Lokesh

Published Oct 22, 2016, 1:27 am IST
Updated Oct 22, 2016, 7:09 am IST
Ms Kavitha ridiculed the declaration of family assets by Mr Lokesh recently and said her family did not amass wealth like his did.
TRS MP K Kavitha
 TRS MP K Kavitha

Hyderabad: TRS MP K. Kavitha came down like a house of bricks on Nara Lokesh on Friday, advising the TD general secretary to confine himself to AP politics instead of meddling in Telangana issues.

Speaking at a “Meet the Press” organised by the Press Club of Hyderabad here, Ms Kavitha ridiculed the declaration of family assets by Mr Lokesh recently and said her family did not amass wealth like his did.


She said that her family has been declaring income and assets to the Income Tax department ever year and was paying taxes promptly and such there was no need for them to declare these before the public every year.

“We have not amassed wealth like them. We have been declaring all our sources of income and assets to the I-T department every year. Interested people can obtain details from the I-T department,” Ms Kavitha said.

She said their family did not need any advice from anyone on declaring of assets. “We are not eager to portray ourselves as Anna Hazare like they are. Everyone knows who is what,” she said.


Ms Kavitha also took a dig at Mr Lokesh for criticising smaller districts created in TS. “Lokesh says smaller districts create problems. This shows his ignorance.

World over, there is consensus that decentralisation of administration would benefit people. Smaller districts make government services accessible to all besides ensuring good governance. Lokesh’s mindset has not changed. They used to oppose creation of smaller Telangana state. Now they are opposing smaller districts,” she said.

“Now, we are separate states. We have enough to do in our own states. Where is the need to comment on developments in other states? If we start commenting on the affairs of your state, then you would be left red-faced,” the MP told Mr Lokesh.


Pakistan actors not welcome: MP Kavitha
TRS MP K. Kavitha on Friday said the Bollywood should reconsider casting Pakistani actors in Indian films. She said that there was no dearth of actors in India and time has come for Bollywood to stand with the country.

Her comments come in the wake of ongoing row over the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, which is facing threats from various organisations for featuring Pakistani actor Fawad Khan in the film.

“When it is time to display patriotism, tokenism won’t work,” she said, adding that there was no opposition to artistes from other countries like Nepal. “Bollywood should understand why political parties are opposing Pakistani artistes,” Ms Kavitha said.


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