If Rajanagaram MLA calls, only anti-social elements will go to him: MP Bharat Ram

The MP rubbished the charges of corruption leveled against him by the MLA

KAKINADA: The showdown in YSR Congress between Rajamahendravaram MP Margani Bharat and Rajanagaram MLA Jakkampudi Raja has intensified and the two are indulging in verbal clashes and repeatedly crossing their swords in public.

Both seemed unmindful of the party image and the likely reprimand from Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy. Last year, Rajya Sabha Member Pilli Subhashchandra Bose and Kakinada MLA Dwarampudi Chandrasekhara Reddy clashed openly at a meeting. The CM admonished both and restored peace between the two.

Now, Bharat and Raja are on a tangent. Rebutting the allegations made by Raja, Bharat hurled sarcastic comments against Raja. Raja said if he gives a signal, thousands of people will come out to face Bharat. Bharat retorted that if Raja signalled, those coming out would be chain snatchers, blade-mafia, ganja gangs, pick-pockets, rowdies and the riffraff.

Bharat lashed out at Raja on Tuesday at Rajamahendravaram. The MP said he would not say anything that will mar the image of the YSRC. “Jagan has entrusted me with a great responsibility and reposed confidence in me and he treated me as his brother. Jagan has the confidence that I would do justice to all sections of the people,” Bharat claimed.

He said he would remain indebted to Jagan all his life. Without referring to the Rajanagaram MLA by name, the MP trashed him. “A people’s representative is trying to teach others about morals and ethics. But he should know what his story is. If I was not in the party, I would have shown my strength to him. I would not stoop so low as to make personal attacks. I should be conscious of the image of the party,’’ Bharat said.

Bharat said the MLA has accused him of colluding with Rajamahendravaram Rural MLA Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary (TD). “There is not an iota of truth in this. Whatever allegations the MLA made against me, I have the evidence to disprove those,” he asserted.

He rubbished the charges of corruption leveled against him by the MLA and referred to the comment about him taking a selfie-with former CBI director Lakshminarayana. “Lakshminarayana himself bent to the table from where he was sitting and started a conservation with me. He praised some of the projects being taken up by the CM. That was all.”

Bharat also found fault with Raja for comparing him with the controversial MP Raghu Ramakrishnam Raju. “I can’t indulge in such cheap politics in future also.”

The MP challenged the MLA to prove the allegations he raised against him on the issue of Purushothapatnam. Crores in funds have been allocated for development of Rajanagaram constituency, he said.

On Monday, the Rajanagaram MLA told the media that the MP is destroying the party in the region and “he is out of touch with ground realities.” He keeps off party workers. “The results in Kadiam mandal where we lost both ZPTC and MPTC clearly show the inefficiency of the MP. He also made corruption allegations against the MP.”

The reason for the rift between the MP and the MLA is, among other matters, that government college lecturer Deepak running a voluntary organisation felicitated Bharat in the first week of September without inviting the MLA. Raja expressed his irritation over this and allegedly abused the lecturer.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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