Pressure mounts for ‘Adivasi Bandhu’ in Telangana

Adivasis are filling up applications appealing to the state government to give Rs 10 lakh to each family implementing ‘Adivasi Bandhu’

ADILABAD: In a surprising move, hundreds of adivasis are filling up applications, which will be submitted to district officials, appealing to the state government to give Rs 10 lakh to each adivasi family by implementing ‘Adivasi Bandhu’ like Dalita Bandhu.

They are also likely to seek three acres of land to landless adivasis and issue of pattas to the podu lands that they have been cultivating for decades together in old Adilabad district.

Adivasis are busy filling up the applications that have been prepared by Thudumdebba (Adivasi Hakkula Porata Samiti) to press for their demand for ‘Adivasi Bandhu’. Thudumdebba has prepared a proforma in which they furnish all the personal details showing their social and economic status, which requires a Dalita Bandhu-like scheme.

Thudumdebba district president Godam Ganesh said that there are thousands of landless Adivasis and many of them are working as agricultural laborers or as tenant farmers.

He said the state government has failed to issue pattas to podu lands and added that their organization is not encouraging further expansion of podu cultivation but demanding pattas under the Forest Rights Act.

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