Kummanam Rajasekharan meets Bishop Dharmaraj

He also sought the bishop\'s help to ensure Nadar votes, which are crucial here.

Thiruvananthapuram: NDA candidate Kummanam Rajasekharan had a busy schedule on the Easter day. He met A. Dharmaraj Rasalam, bishop of South Kerala diocese of CSI churches in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam and conveyed his greetings.

He also sought the bishop's help to ensure Nadar votes, which are crucial here.

As per the study by K. C. Zachariah in 2016 for Centre for Development Studies, the Nadar population in the district comes to 46.1 per cent or more than 15 lakh.

For long, BJP has been unsuccessfully trying to garner the support of Nadars.

Later, he got busy with his roadshow from Para-ssala to Pazhavangadi.

He has come up with a novel idea to upcycle the flags he had received during his more than a month-long campaign. BJP says, usually, political parties dump flags somewhere. He had received one lakh flags, and they will make more than 10, 000 cloth bags out of it. The rest would be converted into towels for orphanages.

“Already self-help groups and stitching members in the BMS have been entrusted with the job. They will soon be handed over these flags,” said Mr Rajasekharan.

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