Telangana govt creating problems to farming sector, says Congress

The government must sanction Rs 10,000 for every farmer who faced loss due to non-cultivation of paddy following the advice of TRS govt.

Jagtial: The Telangana government is creating serious problems to the farming sector in the state and trying to deceive the farmers with a promise of waiving of farm loan above Rs 75,000, Congress leader and MLC Jeevan Reddy said on Monday.

He said here that the state government is not giving any guarantee to farmers in the sanctioning of bank loans.

“The Rythu bandhu amount sanctioned by the government is not sufficient for the farmers even to pay the interest for the farm loans they had taken. Instead of farm loan waiver, the government should name it as interest-waiver for the farm loans,” he said.

He said both the TRS and BJP governments are playing with the lives of ordinary farmers by showing a disinterest in procuring food grains at minimum support price. Because of the warning given by the TRS government to farmers against cultivating paddy crop, more than 50 per cent of paddy farmers stayed away from this endeavour this season and lakhs of acres of land turned barren, the Congress leader alleged.

He said that, as a result, instead of producing one crore metric tonnes of paddy, the farmers came up with just around 50 lakh metric tonnes this year.

“The difference of loss between purchasing raw rice and boiled rice is around Rs 15,000 crore, of which the state government can get back around 10 per cent in the form of tax. Chandrashekar Rao is the only chief minister who will not participate in the bankers’ meeting to discuss waiving off farm loans,” he said.

The government must sanction Rs 10,000 for every farmer who faced loss due to non-cultivation of paddy crop following advice from the TRS government and the state must waive farm loans, he proposed.

“If the chief minister is ready to fight against the BJP government for the sake of the farming community, the Congress party is ready to join hands with him. But after going to Delhi, no one knows what KCR will do there, whether he will bow in front of Modi or hold his collar,” he said.

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