Telangana government employees seek general transfers

It was in 2018 that general transfer of employees was implemented last time

Hyderabad: State government employees’ unions in Telangana are urging the TRS government to undertake general transfer of employees as transfers as per the new zonal system has been completed.

It has been four years since the state government undertook general transfer of employees with the last one being from May 25 to June 15 in 2018, which, incidentally, was the first since 2013.

Various employees unions submitted a representation to chief secretary Somesh Kumar in this regard on Friday.

Normally, general transfers are undertaken during summer vacation for schools and colleges as there would be no disruption of education of the staff’s children.

Transfer of state government employees was banned in 2013 due to the impending bifurcation of the undivided Andhra Pradesh. General transfers could not be taken up by the Telangana government soon after bifurcation as division of existing staff between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh was pending with the Kamalanathan committee for three years.

General transfers are done to ensure that no employee works at the same place beyond five years.

Newly-recruited employees, who complete two years of service, and senior employees, who complete five years at existing places, await general transfers to get postings in locations of their choice on a seniority basis.

The employees are now urging the government to undertake general transfers during the upcoming summer vacation.

There are nearly four lakh government employees and teachers in Telangana. Of them, only 70,000, mostly teachers, were transferred on the basis of the new zonal system.

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