Tense Situation Continues at Tadipathri over Road Width

ANANTAPUR: The week-long tension continued at Tadipatri town over construction of a compound wall to the junior college, located in front of the house of municipal chairman and TD leader J.C. Prabhakar Reddy.

While the municipal chairman argued that the road has 50ft width even as per the 1983 layout, for access to the municipal staff, the MLA is forcibly trying to limit the width to 40ft road in violation of the master plan rules, it is alleged.

The reduction of width for the road by expanding the college compound turned into a political issue and tensed the situation.

Prabhkar Reddy blamed the YSRC MLA for the present attempt to reduce the road width in front of his house.

As the authorities started work a few days ago and dug pits for pillars, unidentified persons destroyed the construction and removed the pillars. Prabhakar Reddy tried to stage a protest at the spot. Additional forces from Anantapur were called in and barricades were set up in front of Prabhakar Reddy’s residence. Police had also sent away his close aides from the residence so as to not worsen the situation.

Meanwhile, police tried to issue notice under CRPC 41, but Prabhakar Reddy refused to take note at his residence and demanded that the authorities act impartially instead of bending to the will of the YSRC MLA.

“I am not against the construction of the compound wall but the officials should follow the master plan by conducting a survey along with the town planning department of the municipality,” he said.

While the government demolished Praja Vedika in Amaravati in 10 minutes, the demolition of the college compound can happen in five minutes, he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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