Not a chappal to be flung around, says actor Ambareesh after being dropped

Ambareesh resigned in protest after Karnataka chief minister ousted him from cabinet for non-performance.

Bengaluru: Karnataka Congress leader and actor MH Ambareesh on Tuesday put on a defiant face and refused to take back his resignation as an MLA, claiming that he was no slipper to be thrown away once not in use.

Ambareesh, who served as the Housing Minister before the recent reshuffle of the Karnataka cabinet, resigned from his post as a state legislator in protest after being dropped.

Hitting out at the Congress, an indignant Ambareesh said, "I am not anybody's ' chappal' that can be worn and thrown away when you want. I have my own popularity. I am not leaving because of politics. I lead my life because of the people's sweat. I know how to handle this," Ambareesh said.

Adding that he was not informed about the cabinet reshuffle, he claimed that he would have made way for a younger politician had he been informed earlier.

"I am a three-time MP. I was a central minister and I worked with him for three years. You must call us and say Ambareesh give the chance to somebody else. I would have happily given. I have no interest in power. I am satisfied because I work to my heart," he said.

"Everybody will approach me and give me red carpet welcome. They know if I come I will be a strength," he added.

The 63 year-old, who has a wide support base as an actor, was reportedly dropped for lack of performance, and was among the 14 members ousted from the state cabinet.

Holding the Chief Minister responsible for his resignation, Ambareesh expressed confidence that many political parties would now approach him and give him a red carpet welcome.

The reshuffle was seen as an attempt by the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to give a face-lift to his three-year-old government with Assembly polls just two years away. Factors such as caste, age and resource generation were reportedly in play as the Congress chose the new ministers.

With the reshuffle, the ministry has a strength of 33, one less than the upper constitutional limit.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle with agency inputs )
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