Vijender Gupta serves legal notice to Kejriwal, Sisodia; seeks apology within 7 days

Gupta further slammed CM Kejriwal for circulating news that BJP is after his life and he would be assassinated like former PM Indira Gandhi.

New Delhi: BJP leader Vijender Gupta on Tuesday sent a legal notice to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia for allegedly attempting to "frame him" in relation to an alleged assassination plot against Kejriwal.

"This is sad that Kejriwal is playing below-the-belt politics. He has been cheating Delhi people and blackmailing them emotionally for long. It is their defeat that they are saying that BJP is planning to attack Kejriwal and Sisodia and they might get killed like former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi," Gupta told ANI.

"Delhi Police are spending crores of rupees on Kejriwal's security. But he himself is unwilling to take it. I have sent him a notice seeking his apology within a week," Gupta said.

"In order to yield political gains, you scripted the slap-gate incident during your road-show on May 5 and blamed BJP for the said incident. Subsequently, it was divulged that you, yourself demanded the liaison officer to remove the security, personnel from your vehicle," Gupta had said before on his Twitter handle.

Gupta further slammed Chief Minister Kejriwal for circulating the news that the BJP is after his life and he would be assassinated like former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

"The allegation is not only awful and disquieting, but distressing and defaming. Gupta can't even think of hurting someone knowingly and voluntarily," BJP leader's lawyer said.

In the notice, it was also mentioned that if Kejriwal won't apologise within seven days, then Gupta would take the matter to the court of law.

"My client is deeply hurt and there might be so many other people on whose eyes and estimation the goodwill, standing and reputation of my client must have gone down," reads the notice.

"That you are hereby called upon to immediately withdraw the tweet and apologise for the statement against my client within seven days. If failed, my client shall be forced to initiate civil as well as a criminal proceeding in the competent court of law at your risk, cost, and consequence," the notice read.

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