Hunt on for rich Zilla Parishad chiefs

TRS feels financially sound candidates hold clout in districts.

Hyderabad: The TRS leadership wants to select zilla parishad chairperson candidates before the three-phase elections commence on May 6. The TRS is searching for financially strong candidates.

The practice is for the elected ZPTC members of political parties to select the ZP chairperson if they get a majority. This time, the TRS wants to name the candidate ahead of the polls.

The TRS is of the opinion that if the candidates are selected early, they will coordinate with the ZPTC candidates in their districts as it is in their interest to get their nominees elected. The ZP chairperson candidates are also expected to fund the ZPTC nominees. The bill would be about `2 crore per candidate.

The state has 32 zilla parishads and TRS president and Chief Minister K, Chandrasekhar Rao has already nominated two chairperson candidates: Former MLAs Kova Laxmi for Asifabad and Putta Madhu for Peddapalli.

The TRS leadership is collecting feedback from district party leaders, MLAs and others to select the chairperson candidates for the remaining districts. The TRS feels that the chairperson candidate's influence in the district will benefit ZPTC members.

The party decision to select nominees early is worrying aspirants. Those in districts with more ZPTC seats will have to spend more. Out of the 32 districts, 11 have more than 20 ZPTC seats.

TRS leaders are expecting to win a majority in the ZPTC election in every district so as to capture all ZP chairperson posts in the state. Previously, parties to run 'camps' to corral ZPTC candidates to prevent defections. The TRS faces no such risk this time.

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