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CM Siddaramaiah Highlights Central Govt's Delay in Responding to Drought Relief

Deccan Chronicle with agency inputs| Gururaj A Paniyadi

Published on: November 20, 2023 | Updated on: November 20, 2023
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah (ANI)

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah (ANI)

VIJAYAPURA: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has pointed to the delay in receiving a response from the Central government regarding crucial matters related to drought relief. Addressing reporters, the Chief Minister emphasized the necessity of providing 150 employment days under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) during drought conditions.

"Permission for this must come from the central government. Despite our written request for permission, there has been no response to date."

Highlighting another issue, Siddaramaiah remarked, "It has been over a month since the central government's drought study team concluded its assessment, yet not a single paisa has been allocated."

"We sought modifications to NDRF norms through a letter to the Central government, but there has been no action or response from their end," he said.

Updating on the state government's efforts, the Chief Minister said that drought relief measures have been initiated, ensuring the provision of drinking water and fodder for cattle. "There is no shortage of fodder. The state government is actively addressing the situation," he added.

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