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Hijab row: Karnataka minister accuses Congress of avoiding discussion in Assembly

Deccan Chronicle.| Gururaj A Paniyadi

Published on: February 20, 2022 | Updated on: February 20, 2022

When asked Congress demanding the resignation of Minister Eshwarappa, Ashoka ridiculed the Congress leaders

Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashoka. (PTI)

Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashoka. (PTI)

Udupi: Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashoka has accused the Congress party of avoiding the discussion on Hijab during the ongoing assembly session in Karnataka.

Ashoka said there was confusion within the Congress as KPCC president DK Shivakumar and Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah were moving in different directions.

"Congress is in dilemma. Their only agenda is that the Hijab and saffron shawl issue should not be discussed in the assembly. The Opposition Congress does not want to discuss the issue that is being discussed in the state and other places every day. We call them for discussion and they are not ready," the minister alleged.

"This is an issue which is affecting the education of the children. I have already said that there are foreign forces behind the row. I request the students.

Education is important and not Dharma (religion) for students. Anjuman Islam institution, one of the prominent organizations of Karnataka has clearly stated that education is more important than other issues. Even Maulvis and religious heads have said that education is important," he said.

The Minister said that the Congress leaders were happy as they are not discussing any issue in the assembly.

"For four days they are protesting in the assembly (demanding the removal of Eshwarappa). They should know that the allowances and salary we get are from the taxpayers' money. If we have done any mistake in handling the Hijab-saffron shawl issue Congress should point at it and take it up in the assembly. Instead, they are snoring at the cost of taxpayers' money. The bed in which they sleep and the food they eat during the protest is also from tax money," he added.
Ashoka alleged that there was a clear divide in the Congress party.

"In the Mekedatu issue, all the banners have only the photo of DK Shivakumar and no other leaders. The photo of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, or Siddaramaiah is not seen," he added.

When asked Congress demanding the resignation of Minister Eshwarappa, Ashoka ridiculed the Congress leaders.

"Eshwarappa has been appointed by the BJP so the party will decide about him. If the Congress leaders want to decide then they should join BJP," he said.

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