Malkajgiri residents feel perennially let down

Hyderabad: With the Assembly elections drawing near, residents of Malkajgiri constituency spoke about various pressing issues that have been plaguing the area for far too long. People, confronted with issues like inadequate infrastructure, traffic congestion and power disruptions, are feeling neglected.

One of the primary demands is a road near Moula Ali railway quarters, which also houses a pension office and a school. The absence of this crucial road has been causing inconvenience to the locals.

"For almost three decades this important area has had no proper road. All that I wish to ask all the candidates is how I can reach the polling booth safely if there's no proper road" said Karim Aslam, a resident of Moula Ali.

Power disruptions have emerged as an equally worrisome issue.

“Lack of functional street lights and the absence of immediate repairs to those that are out of order have left us in the dark, literally," said M.N.R. Kandaswamy, a resident of Alwal.

The safety and security of residents, especially working women who return home late at night, have been compromised due to poorly lit streets, said another resident Kireeta Ratnam.

Furthermore, residents of Anandbagh have reported encroachment of the already narrow roads by hawkers, food stalls and restaurants. The lack of proper footpaths adds to the inconvenience, making it difficult for pedestrians to navigate the area safely. "At least 30 per cent of this 10ft wide road has juice, tiffin, fruits and vegetable centres that choke traffic coming from either side. Even hawkers are troubled by this," said Sudheer P, a resident of Anandbagh.

Meanwhile, the ongoing issue of clogging in Sainikpuri due to the proliferation of cafes and pubs has been a cause of great concern. The surge in the number of such establishments (at least 15) in the area over the past six months, and five more slated to open soon, has led to a surge in crowds, especially during weekends.

"The consequent traffic congestion and poor drainage system have resulted in overflowing streets, adding to our woes. Even the drive-ins, which tend to stay open well beyond midnight, are a huge safety concern for the adjoining residential complex. The once quiet and green cover is also being compromised in the name of rapid urbanisation,” said another local.

Meanwhile, residents of Yapral complained about the movement of snakes from the under-construction building and the presence of a monitor lizard.

"We also need better public transport towards this side of the city. We have no direct buses and no metro line touches here," said Bharat Nandla, a student.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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