Bandi trashes KCR over Jawaharnagar dump yard


19 September 2022

BJP state president challenges CM to visit the area if he has any humanity

HYDERABAD: BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar demanded that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao visit the massive garbage dump yard at Jawaharnagar “if he has any humanity” to learn first-hand the issues locals are dealing with as a result of the garbage dump.

Sanjay, who visited Medchal and Malkajgiri as part of his Praja Sangrama Yatra, claimed that the Chief Minister would only acknowledge the hardships that the thousands of residents who live close to the dump yard face if he visited the area.

Addressing a public meeting at Dammaiguda crossroads, Sanjay remarked, "Get the TRS leaders here and tell them to grab land, and they will immediately occupy the dump yard." The BJP leader assured the people that the party, once it comes to power in the state, will deal with the dump yard issue and find a solution. "I'll return here after the padayatra, and the BJP will take up the responsibility for setting things right here," he remarked.

Continuing his tirade against the ruling government, Sanjay remarked that the TRS government was on the ventilator. “KCR has mortgaged the Medchal bus depot, and all the other bus depots in the state, even as the TSRTC was pushed into losses," Sanjay claimed.

Further, the BJP state president criticised the police and IAS officers, stating that they had gone beyond the call of duty to openly endorse the Chief Minister on many subjects.

He claimed that some TRS leaders, who have been earning hundreds of crores of rupees through land grab in the district, have completely ignored the people, and are even diverting funds coming from the Centre and buying tractors so they may earn commissions from such transactions. “The TRS is the fulcrum of all mafias in the state. People should ask how many double bedroom houses were given to the poor, how many unemployed people secured jobs. They should ask what happened to Rao’s promise of making a Dalit the Chief Minister,” he said.

Sanjay asserted that the CM’s promise to accord 10 per cent reservations to the ST community was made only for electoral objectives and was primarily motivated by the sizeable ST voting population in Munugode. “Why were the orders not issued during the eight years he was Chief Minister, if he was sincere,” Sanjay asked.

BJP party in-charge for Madhya Pradesh and senior leader P Muralidhar Rao, who also spoke at the meeting, claimed that the situation in Jawaharnagar was such that one needs to hold a kerchief over the nose to save themselves from the stink and dust. He said one of the first tasks of the BJP government in Telangana after it comes to power, will be to remove the dumping yard from the area.

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