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Release all political leaders: Yousuf Tarigami

Published Sep 19, 2019, 2:50 am IST
Updated Sep 19, 2019, 2:50 am IST
Tarigami while talking to DC from Delhi, said this was the minimum they wanted the Indian government to do.
Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami. (Photo: H.U. Naqash)
 Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami. (Photo: H.U. Naqash)

THIRUVANANTHPURAM: Veteran CPM leader and former MLA of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami has asked the Centre to release political leaders of all shades who have been detained in Kashmir and initiate talks with them to start the political process.

Tarigami while talking to DC from Delhi, said this was the minimum they wanted the  Indian government  to do. Secondly the Centre should immediately withdraw the clamp down. This is not a solution but such steps will at least provide some clue for the way forward.


He said the government wants to dismantle the political structure and political process. “I don’t like your face so I will dismantle it and have a new one. There is a democratic process. Hold elections and if people reject me let them reject so what. But why don’t you trust the people ?

“Mandate does not mean that you have been given the authority beyond the law or to fracture the law. Mandate has been given to defend the constitution and law,” he aid.

“As an ordinary citizen I am concerned. I am appealing to the conscience of people of my country, please look into this and don’t get misled by the propaganda  unleashed by today’s regime,” he said.

On the possibility of a solution in future ?

Till the government wants to dismantle the political structure and detain political leaders how will you initiate the political process? They are not asking anybody, they are preventing people from outside to interact with locals.

On the Centre’s claim that only a section of political leaders were against the steps taken in J and K and people were supporting it.

“How will you judge it ? What is the yardstick of judging the mood of the people ? Is it by imposing curfews  and imposing restrictions? If somewhere some people are accepting something what is the yardstick to measure it. How will you measure the level of acceptance or rejection.  Just because Delhi thinks like that the entire country should accept it.

Tarigami said if the government was so sure that they have done something great and people of Kashmir will accept their position, then why have they imposed restrictions, why people are detained and why are leaders from outside not allowed to speak with locals.

He hoped the government will understand the sentiments and problems of people of Kashmir and initiate political dialogue at the earliest.