Elect me as MLA for development, Kadiyam urges cadre

WARANGAL: Former deputy chief minister and MLC Kadiyam Srihari made interesting remarks, saying that the people of the Station Ghanpur constituency are embarrassed to mention the name of their MLA T. Rajaiah, but if they give him a chance and elect him as an MLA, he will make them proud with his good work.

Srihari was the chief guest at the BRS cadre meeting held on Friday in Station Ghanpur constituency of Jangaon district. Srihari stated at the meeting that he was remembering his childhood and feeling like he was returning to his old house with the zeal and energy that the BRS cadre was showing interest in politics.

He stated that he was able to achieve such a high position because of the people of the Station Ghanpur constituency, who provided him with a political career. He was able to improve the constituency by taking use of the chance provided by the constituency people, but he did not make any mistakes. Some unscrupulous persons who engage in unlawful business and land encroachment are aware that if Kadiya Srihari is elected as an MLA, they will encounter problems and are terrified of him. "They are well aware that if I become MLA, they will have to flee the constituency," he added.

Some changes are likely to occur in the allocation of party tickets to BRS incumbent MLAs. Station Ghanpur constituency will be one of them. If the people bless and elect him as an MLA, he promises to work hard for the constituency's overall growth.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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