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Tirumala: TTD cancels VIP break darshan system

Published Jul 19, 2019, 2:33 am IST
Updated Jul 19, 2019, 2:33 am IST
The decision to cancel L1, L2 an L3 darshans, which were introduced from 2012, has been implemented from Wednesday itself
YV Subba Reddy
 YV Subba Reddy

Tirumala: In a major move, TTD has cancelled the VIP Break Darshans that had facilitated the privileged to have access to Lord Venkateswara at the world famous temple here, with immediate effect. It is said that the newly appointed TTD Trust Board Chairman YV Subba Reddy had taken this decision about a week ago but chose to disclose it to journalists here on Wednesday. He intends to bring in a new system of accommodating the VIPs in a special entry.

TTD EO Anil Kumar Singhal and Tirumala Special Officer AV Dharma Reddy were also present with Mr Subba Reddy at the media conference.


 The Chairman has attributed the move to do away with categorisation in darshan to the instructions of the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to give priority to common pilgrims by providing them more darshan time and ensuring hassle-free darshan.

 The decision to cancel L1, L2 an L3 darshans, which were introduced from 2012, has been implemented from Wednesday itself, he noted.

It may be mentioned here that the L1 list was for the VVIP officials such as judges, senior officers and Ministers, while the L2 was for TTD employees and their family members, besides lower level officers and government representatives. The L3 list relates to those getting recommendation letters from sitting MPs, MLAs, TTD staff and higher cadre state officials.


Now this system is gone.

However, the Chairman said, since it may take a couple of days to develop the new software, the new system of VIP break darshan will come into effect in the next couple of days. It was learnt that the new system is similar to the Archanantara Darshan system which was in vogue before 2012.

The Chairman also made it clear that because of this decision, there will be no problem to protocol VIPs. "At present, more than three hours are being consumed for VIP break darshan. This will be reduced to half of the time in a phased manner", he added.


Answering a question, he said they would post the names of VIP's going for protocol darshan if necessary for transparency and also impose conditions on darshan during VIP break on recommendation letters.

Over Sannidhi Golla issue also, the Chairman said, the hereditary rights of Sannidhi Golla will be protected as per the tradition of the Tirumala temple.

Speaking on the occasion, TTD Special Officer Dharma Reddy said VIP break darshan is in vogue since 1873. He said the darshan will be similar to all those coming to break darshan after purchasing Rs 500 ticket.


He also made it clear there would not be any difference in offering temple honours to VIPs under protocol and they would opt for Laghu Darshan if there is rush during VIP break too - that is, stopping them at the Jaya-Vijayulu statues just short of the sanctum sanctorum for Lord's darshan from a short distance.