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Congress to increase focus on Hyderabad

Deccan Chronicle.| Md Nizamuddin

Published on: February 19, 2023 | Updated on: February 19, 2023
Manikrao Thakre. (Photo: AP)

Manikrao Thakre. (Photo: AP)

 HYDERABAD: With the Congress’s base in the state capital, particularly in the parliamentary constituencies of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, having eroded considerably  in recent years, the AICC is pondering measures to fight back under the supervision of a strong leadership.

According to party sources, this was the topic of discussion in the latest meetings chaired by AICC Telangana incharge Manikrao Thakre in the run-up to the state elections, given that the capital has over two dozen Assembly constituencies out.

The GHMC elections of December 2020 showed how far behind the party had fallen, winning seats in the single digits. The party feels it can salvage the situation by bringing in a strong leader who will supervise the cadre.

"Even though the party has come up with District Congress Committee (DCC) presidents for Hyderabad and Khairatabad recently, the appointment for Secunderabad is yet to be made. It is said that to lead the DCC, a more acceptable leader who can take along different sections should oversee these parliamentary constituencies," said a city-based party leader.

In 2019, former AICC incharge R.C. Kuntia had appointed incharges for 17 Lok Sabha constituencies, including Shaik Abdullah Sohail for Hyderabad and M. Kodanda Reddy for Secunderabad.

"Amongst various leaders, Sangareddy MLA T. Jayaprakash ‘Jagga’ Reddy’s name is on the top, as he holds clout within his constituency and stood strong against the onslaught of the BRS," the leader said. "Jagga Reddy is known as a leader who mingles with different caste and religious groups. The name of Mohd Azharuddin, former cricketer and party working president, also came."

Meanwhile the decision on expansion of new PCC committees got further deferred, even as several aspirants tried to get an appointment of Thakre to influence the decision. The AICC incharge may clear the list of PCC secretaries and names for DCC presidents for nine districts, after AICC’s 85th plenary session which will be held between February 24 and 26 in Chhattisgarh.

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