Nizamabad: Defeated candidate wants voters to return money, saris

Pasham Narasimloo from Nizamabad district bribed voters, but got only seven out of 98 votes.

NIZAMABAD: In a case of the kettle calling the pot black, Pasham Narsimloo, a politician who lost an election recently despite having splurged money and distributed gifts lavishly on voters, asked them to show some honesty and return his spend.

Mr Narsimloo was defeated in the cooperative elections in Indalwai village in Nizamabad district, after which, he asked voters of his village to return they cash and they had received from his campaign since they had not voted for him.

Undertaking a bizarre padayatra after the results came out, he visited the homes of voters, asking them to return both cash and gifts he had given them. In an equally stunning development, some voters indeed returned some of the cash, but most others argued with him that they had not solicited any unlawful gain, but since the transaction was over, they would certainly not brook any requests for a return.

Mr Narsimloo, former chairman of the Indalwai primary agriculture cooperative society, recently contested from the Indalwai territorial constituency and was defeated. Of the 98 votes cast in the election, the winner got 79 votes, another contestant got a lone vote, while Narsimloo himself bagged all of seven votes.

On asking voters, it was learnt that prior to polling, Mr Narsimloo had distributed Rs 3,000 per vote besides giving a saree each to every lady, and made available alcohol and soft drinks for both men and women voters.

After his defeat, Narsimloo began to ask the voters to return the cash and gifts. Few of the voters who choose to return the money, said that they were doing so “on humanitarian grounds”, but clearly not too many. While few voters returned the cash, most voters remained firm and adamant on not having to return the cash, arguing that they had not asked him for money, whereas he had voluntarily offered them cash as a contestant with no strings attached.

The walk to collect back the corruption in vain took him across Indalwai, Dharpally and Dichpally mandals. Interestingly, his wife is presently the sarpanch of Indalwai while he has served as chairman of PACS for nearly three decades. Presently, he said he has no affiliation with any political party, though he claims he was the founder member of the ruling TRS party.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Pasham Narsimloo said that he would abide the verdict of voter. “I served as chairman of the primary agriculture cooperative society since 1981. But voters defeated me this time around. People know the reasons for my defeat,” he said.

Mr Narsimloo said that he was founder member of the TRS but was in recent times, maintaining distance from the party. Bajireddy Govardhan, MLA, Nizamabad rural, has sidelined me in the last few days. Earlier, I have worked as director of DCCB and DCMS,” he added.

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