With Rs 1.38L, Kharge Opens Congress' Crowdfunding Plan

New Delhi: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday officially launched the party's online crowdfunding programme by making a donation of Rs 1.38 lakh. He encouraged supporters to contribute funds towards the collective effort of building a better India. Speaking to reporters after the launch, Kharge was happy with the party's leaders creating an app and emphasised that it marked the first time Congress sought the assistance of common people for nation-building.

As part of the campaign, Kharge explained that the party aims to receive contributions from small donors, highlighting the importance of not solely relying on the wealthy. He pointed out that depending on the affluent could lead to compromising on principles and policies. Kharge said that the Congress is already dedicated to working for the welfare of the poor, Scheduled Castes, and backward communities, and they have received support from these groups in the past.

Kharge outlined the 'Donate for Desh' initiative, stating that it aims to propel the country forward with the help of the general public. The crowdfunding effort includes both online and offline components. In conjunction with the party's 138th anniversary on December 28, supporters are encouraged to donate in multiples of Rs 138, symbolising the party's commitment to a better India.

Ajay Maken, the party treasurer, described the initiative as more than just a campaign, emphasising its commitment to upholding the rights of marginalised communities, addressing disparities, and serving as a formidable opposition against a government that favours the affluent. The online campaign will continue until December 28, after which a door-to-door campaign by volunteers will be initiated, targeting at least 10 houses in every booth for contributions of at least Rs 138.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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