Pawan Kalyan warns those calling him ‘package star’

In last eight years, I have earned ₹100–120 crore while acting in six films. I have paid tax of ₹33.37 crore, he said

VIJAYAWADA: In a strong retort to ruling YSR Congress leaders branding him as “package star”, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan lashed out at them, explaining to party activists at his party’s office in Mangalagiri on Tuesday:

“In last eight years, I have earned ₹100–120 crore while acting in six films. I have paid tax of ₹33.37 crore. I liquidated fixed deposits taken in the name of my children to build the party office and form the party’s corpus fund of ₹17.58 crore in five bank accounts.”

Pawan Kalyan warned: “If anyone calls me a ‘package star’ hereafter, I will hit them with a chappal. Are you trying to make fun of me? If at all anyone again intends to brand me so, I will slap and break their teeth. My patience has protected those people so far. I will no longer tolerate it. I will squeeze their neck with a single hand.”

The star said, “I was born in Bapatla. I studied in street schools, not in London or New York. Don’t think I am soft, lean in stature and acting in the film. I eat Goddu Karam. I can use more vulgar language than you people. I will respect you until you deserve it. I married thrice and if you want to do so, you divorce the first wife and marry again. I am not blaming all YSR Congress leaders. My concern is about those who use abusive language. I respect YSR Congress leaders like Balineni Srinivas, Anam Ramnarayana Reddy and others. You people are following politics of opportunism and criminal politics. But I am following ideological politics. You people declare war and I am ready to fight you with bare hands. I will skin you if you speak hereafter more (bad) against me.”

The Jana Sena chief especially warned ruling party MLAs from Kapu community not to undermine their caste. He said he wants all castes to grow. He is not interested in suppressing one caste to ensure flourishing of other castes.

Pawan Kalyan said, “I have no ambition to become CM. But if I am elected to be CM, I will be happy and develop the state. I wish God blesses me to become CM for AP.

I respect BJP as it is our political ally. I also respect Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he stood up against all odds in Gujarat to become what he is today. However, I do not serve anybody as a slave.”

The star said he would continue to act in films as he needed money to support his political party. He wanted Jana Sena flag to be hoisted in AP. He asked AP police to get ready for working under Jana Sena rule in the state.

Jana Sena chief announced that his party will contest seven to 14 MLA seats and two MP seats in Telangana in the forthcoming polls.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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