K Chandrasekhar Rao tapping Telangana pride again, says Congress

Former minister D.K. Aruna said, With the dictatorship of KCR, many of the TRS leaders are irked and approaching the Congress.

Hyderabad: Caretaker Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao might be thinking elections are auctions as he had announced the party manifesto by adding Rs 16 to all the schemes promised by the Congress, party spokesperson Sravan Dasoju said.

Speaking to mediapersons at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Dr Sravan said, “The Congress has promised to give Rs 3,000 to the unemployed and Mr Rao has added Rs 16 to it and announced it in the TRS manifesto. Similarly with Asara pension. Does Mr think that people will vote him for Rs 16.”

He said Mr Rao had tried to mislead the public by saying that there were only 12 lakh unemployed youth in the state. The Intensive Household Survey of 2014 had put the number at 18 lakh unemployed youth, and this would have increased. The manifesto was another way to cheat the people, he said.

He said there were about 2.5 lakh vacancies in the public sector and not even 10 per cent had been filled. “The government did not empower the TSPSC to act independently, 300 posts in the commission are vacant.”

Dr Sravan said as the elections were re nearing Mr Rao had started inciting regional feelings and wanted the Election Commission to register a suo motu case.

About 80 per cent of TRS candidates were facing anger from the people. “TRS legislators are unable to enter a majority of villages and habitations where they are being questioned by angry people over their failures and unfulfilled promises.”

Former minister D.K. Aruna said, “With the dictatorship of KCR, many of the TRS leaders are irked and approaching the Congress. Many leaders are in touch with us and will be joining the party very soon.” She, too, alleged that Mr Rao ahd copied the promises of the Congress and placed them in the TRS manifesto.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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