BJP-CPM battle: Protest marches in Delhi, Kerala

In Kerala, Shah said, CPM, you can't stop the BJP's ideology.

New Delhi: The BJP and the CPI(M) continued their march politics on Tuesday, with the Marxist party’s leaders marching to the BJP headquarters in New Delhi and BJP president Amit Shah taking to the streets in Kerala. Both parties have been indulging in allegations and counter-claims over the killing of their cadres in the state, specially in its northern areas.

While Shah marched in Kerala in protest against the killing of RSS workers allegedly by Leftists, the CPI(M) responded with its own march to the BJP’s headquarters, accusing the RSS of killing CPI(M) workers. “We warn the BJP that if they continue to create violence in Kerala, they will not see even one MLA elected from the state,” CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said.

Leading the march, he accused the RSS-BJP of having triggered the violence in Kerala and asserted the saffron party wouldn’t be able to win even a single state if they continued to do so. Yechury, who was joined by other party leaders and workers at the rally, accused the BJP and RSS of trying to build up their political and social base in Kerala through violence and terror.

Taking a dig at Shah, he said the BJP president had run away from Kerala and returned to Delhi as he had to save his son, who is accused of corruption. The “red flag” cannot be removed, he added.

In Kerala, Shah said, “CPM, you can’t stop the BJP’s ideology.”

The Left parties see a sinister plot in the Centre taking a keen interest in state affairs and accuse the BJP of trying to expand its footprint in Kerala.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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