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Will honour all vows: Rahul

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Published on: September 17, 2023 | Updated on: September 17, 2023

BRS, BJP, and AIMIM are fighting the Congress together

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses a gathering during the 'Vijayabheri' public meeting, at Thukuguda on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Sunday. (PTI Photo)

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses a gathering during the 'Vijayabheri' public meeting, at Thukuguda on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Sunday. (PTI Photo)

HYDERABAD: In politics, one should be clear who our enemy is to fight them properly, in Telangana, we are not fighting just the BRS; the BRS, BJP, and AIMIM are fighting the Congress together, said former AICC president Rahul Gandhi at the Vijayabheri meeting at Tukkuguda on Sunday.

"All three of them have held their meetings in Hyderabad to deny us space. These parties project themselves as separate entities but work in tandem," Rahul Gandhi said.

Targeting all three parties, he said, "The BRS has always supported the BJP in Parliament and supported all their Bills. They voted with the BJP on three farm laws, demonetisation, GST, and Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections. They have extended their helping hand whenever they need help."

Citing that the BJP was reluctant to file cases against the BRS, he said, "Every Opposition party in the country has had cases filed against them, but not KCR’s family. The same is the case with AIMIM. They are being spared as Modi doesn't target his own men. The BRS is ‘BJP rishtedaar samiti’. Telangana was not given to benefit KCR's family. In the past nine and half years, the poor, small businessmen, workers, and minorities have not benefitted."

Saying that the days of BRS are numbered, Rahul Gandhi promised that people who took part in the statehood struggle will be benefitted.

"Those who were part of the statehood movement will get 250-sq ft Indiramma houses. All those who don't have houses will get houses. Under Rajiv Aarogyasri, the benefit will be increased to Rs10 lakh. While farmers owning land will get Rs15,000 per acre, the landless labour (tenant farmers) will get Rs12,000 per year," Rahul Gandhi said.

"Modi had said in Karnataka that we will not stand by our promises, but by implementing them, we have proved him wrong.

Promises being made here will be implemented in the first Cabinet meeting itself. KCR has looted the state through projects like Kaleshwaram.

Dharani has become a scam. Rythu Bandhu has benefitted rich farmers. The TSPSC paper leakage troubled the unemployed youth. I ask those who doubt our intent to go to Karnataka; the people there will vouch for our words on delivery of promises," he said.

"Modi is benefitting only Adani in all businesses. After I spoke against him, the BJP saw to it that I lost my membership as MP of Lok Sabha. Modi has failed to take any action against BRS as he knows he is their member.

The AIMIM comes to play spoilsport to benefit the BJP. Congress is a party of the poor, farmers, Dalits, and tribals. While the BJP divides the people, we unite them. ‘Nafrat ki bazaar me hum mohabbat ke dukaan kholni Hai’," he said.

Citing the grant of statehood to Telangana, Rahul Gandhi said: "Akin to keeping our promise to deliver statehood, we will honour all our promises given to the people of Telangana."

The Tukkuguda meeting was presided over by the TPCC working president Mahesh Kumar Goud.

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