Jana Sena worker tweets up a storm with plan to raise Rs 200 crore for party

Activist takes to Twitter to raise funds for Pawan Kalyan; party does not object

VIJAYAWADA: An over enthusiastic Jana Sena worker has come up with a fancy idea of raising Rs. 200 crore as party fund. This would be by way of two crore tweets by fans on occasion of party chief Pawan Kalyan’s birthday, with each fan contributing Rs. 100 each while tweeting.

The message from the Jana Sainik, who has already been identified by the party leadership, did rounds on several social media platforms and WhatsApp groups on Friday. The message also contained details of the bank account of Jana Sena, including the IFSC code.

What makes the entire thing curious is Hariprasad, political secretary to party president, telling Deccan Chronicle that Jana Sena is against raising funds from fans. Though he disowned the message, there has been no official communication from the party asking fans not to deposit money into the account. Hariprasad confirmed that the account number circulating on the social media is indeed that of Jana Sena.

Pawan Kalyan fans are elated over the pre-birthday hashtag creating a trend with two crore tweets. The Jana Sainik developed his idea based on the high number of tweets. He lamented that fans raised only Rs. 3 crore though they had planned to mobilise Rs 100 crore and could only send one MLA to the Assembly against the target of 100 in the last assembly elections.

Further, the fan said; “We make payment for paani puri through Paytm and don’t we know how to transfer at least Rs. 100 to a party account online.” He indeed suggested that the fans should learn how to make online transfer by sending Rs 100 before September 2, their beloved star’s birthday.

Party sources said during the 2019 elections, some unscrupulous elements opened bank accounts in their own names and received money from genuine fans, following which Pawan Kalyan decided to not accept funds from fans.

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