Not your fault, verdict in English: Giriraj Singh mocks Pak for Jadhav’s case tweet

Apart from Singh, Twitterati also took an opportunity to come up with multiple replies to Pakistan government\'s tweet in their wittiest way.

New Delhi: "Not your fault... judgement delivered in English," Union Minister Giriraj Singh took a witty jibe at Pakistan for claiming "big win" in Kulbhushan Jadhav case.

On Wednesday, Singh mocked the neighbouring country Pakistan after its government official Twitter handle tweeted, "Big win for Pakistan. India's demand of release and repatriation of Kulbhushan Jadhav rejected by ICJ. Kulbhushan Verdict."

Following which, Singh tweeted, "Not your fault... judgement delivered in English."

This comes after the ICJ on Wednesday continued its stay on the execution of the Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav, held in a Pakistani jail on allegations of spying, and called for an effective review and reconsideration of the conviction.

Apart from Singh, Twitterati also took an opportunity to come up with multiple replies to Pakistan government's tweet in their wittiest way. Here are some of the reactions:

A Twitter user said, "Bhai verdict English May hoga, in logo ko samjhane may time lagega."

"Reaction of Pakistan People right now," another user tweeted along with a meme.

"Besides being masters of terrorism, they are also masters of illiteracy. Can't even read the judgement correctly. The same guys were openly claiming victory just a few hours before a humiliating surrender in Dacca in 1971," a Twitter user said.

"Terror Conditioned Brains" in Pakistan think differently," another user tweeted.

Jadhav, 49, was purportedly "arrested" from Balochistan by Pakistani security forces on March 3, 2016, after he allegedly entered the country from Iran, as claimed by Islamabad.

India has held that Pakistan, which faces several problems on its border with Iran, has been using Jadhav's case to blame India for its problems in Balochistan. It has used proxy groups such as Jaish al Adl against Iran, while Iranian officials have spoken of Pakistan's sponsorship of terror activities along the Iran-Pakistan border.

It was on March 25, 2016, that then Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, had informed the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad of Jadhav's "arrest."

Since then, Pakistan has not offered any explanation as to why Islamabad took over three weeks to inform the Indian High Commissioner about Jadhav's arrest.

Jadhav was sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on April 11, 2017.

Following this, India on May 8, 2017, approached the ICJ against Pakistan "for egregious violations of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, 1963" in the matter.

India alleged that Pakistan is in breach of Article 36(1) (b) of the Vienna Convention, which obliged Pakistan to inform India of the arrest of Jadhav "without delay".

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