Kerala Assembly Elections: Health comes first, and power only next

CPM leader Pinarayi Vijayan continued with his daily routine of getting up at 5 am and sleeping past 11 pm.

Kochi/ Kozhikode/ Thiruvananthapuram: The 70-odd days of election campaign which involved a lot of travelling and tough physical work had a telling effect on the general physical condition of all candidates but most leaders took enough precaution not to break their daily routines.

Nonagenarian Opposition leader V. S. Achuthanandan who travelled the length and breadth of the state followed his now-famous daily regime. He ensured that he had a 30-minute walk in the morning and in the evening and 15 minutes of yoga everyday. While his son V.A. Arun Kumar was in charge of his temporary office in Chandranagar in Palakkad, his aid Sreejith accompanied him on his travels to follow up on his personal needs.

CPM leader Pinarayi Vijayan continued with his daily routine of getting up at 5 am and sleeping past 11 pm. “He would take a nap in the noon after he developed vertigo, and that’s the only luxury he has during the day time,” said a close aide. “He has taken treatment for it and at present has no health issues.”

Veteran leader K.M. Mani also took sufficient care of his health as the campaign period was unusually long. “He would get up at 6, and would be ready for the first meeting by 9,” said people close to him. “The morning programmes would end by around 1 pm. All that he takes in between is tender coconut water.” Mr mani’s second leg of campaigning would start by 3.30 pm and would go up to 11 pm.”

UDF candidate for Beypore assembly constituency VKC Mammadkoya was very much particular about carrying his medicine during the campaigns. He had undergone an open heart surgery a few months back. “In most of the days I have ensured that campaign ended before noon so that I could take rest and have medicines,” he said. “Thankfully there was no stress on me as the constituency was my home turf.”

LDF candidate for Tiruvambadi constituency George M. Thomas has been struggling to finish the campaign. He jumped into the campaign mode soon after a surgery for kidney stone. “At times, there were moments of excruciating pain. But I have managed through. I always kept medicines in the campaign vehicle,” he adds. It was not easy on youngsters also. “It was physically tough as the period was long,” said V. T Balram, who seeks re-election from Thrithala. “But I have maintained myself thin and it helped me a lot.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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