PWA alliance goes one step ahead in fight for prohibition

Gnani said that a political party leader recognising the fact that the cadres are consuming alcohol.

Chennai: “Don’t drink and drive” is a slogan we are familiar with from the traffic police. Now MDMK general secretary Vaiko says “Do not drink and campaign.”

The issue of prohibition continues to occupy election’s centre stage with each political leader adopting newer methods to make the point that they are the most sincere in advocating the dry law.

In his latest election campaign speeches, Vaiko, who is also DMDK-People’s Welfare Alliance-TMC alliance coordinator, has asked his cadres not to be drunk while canvassing for votes. “If someone turned up for the election campaign after consuming alcohol, it will only affect our votes. We will not get any vote or lose the support of who want to vote for us.

After we declared that we will implement prohibition in the state, we should not take anyone who has the habit of consuming alcohol to campaign,” Mr Vaiko said while advising his cadres about the election campaign. His advice to cadres came in the wake of all the parties including ruling AIADMK pitching for prohibition in the state.

Though all the parties seek implementation of prohibition, none of the leaders acknowledge the fact that their cadres themselves turn up for the meeting consuming alcohol. “It is a positive statement and welcome one,” says political commentator Gnani.

He said that a political party leader recognising the fact that the cadres are consuming alcohol. “If the state is getting revenue of Rs 30,000 crore through liquor means that a large section of the people are drinking. Party cadres who are part of the public cannot be an exception to drinking habits.

For the state government to earn Rs 30,000 crore liquor revenue, on daily basis one crore people including many party cadres should be drinking. A party leader recognising the fact and advising his cadres to shun liquor is a positive development,” he told DC.

Appreciating Vaiko’s statement, he said, “There is someone who recognises the ground reality and wants to change it and improve it.” Noting that many leaders were pretending as if their party cadres don’t drink, he called upon all the party leaders to start advising their cadres to shun liquor.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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