Congress Freed TS from Feudal Rule, says Revanth

Targets BRS for false narratives, dictatorship style of ruling (strap)

Hyderabad: Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy on Saturday took the Telangana Legislative Assembly by storm, going all guns blazing against the BRS, which had governed the state for nearly a decade. In a speech lasting one-and-a-half hours, Reddy targeted the pink party on issues such as false narratives, dynastic politics, alleged corruption, and a dictatorship style of governance.

In his maiden response to a debate on the Motion of Thanks to the Governor's address, Reddy claimed that the newly-formed Congress government swiftly “restored democratic rule” to Telangana upon assuming power.

Reddy criticised the BRS government’s construction of Pragathi Bhavan, describing it as a symbol of feudal rule. “They set up huge barricades and fencing around Pragathi Bhavan, with no entry even for BRS ministers to meet the CM, let alone people or civil society organisations. The Congress government dismantled the barricades and fencing on the day of taking oath, on December 7, and opened the gates of Pragathi Bhavan to the common people. We renamed the building Praja Bhavan, which is now utilised by public to submit petitions to government on their grievances,” Reddy said.

Recounting instances of ministers being denied entry to meet the Chief Minister during the BRS rule, Revanth Reddy said that a home guard-level security personnel at Pragathi Bhavan had stopped home minister Mohd Mahmood Ali from meeting K. Chandrashekar Rao as he did not have permission.

"Similarly, then health minister Etala Rajendar and balladeer Gaddar also faced humiliation at Pragathi Bhavan gates, as they were denied entry to meet the CM," Revanth Reddy said.

The CM also accused the BRS government of fabricating narratives about making Telangana the 'Number 1' state, challenging claims of farmer-friendly policies. He cited official statistics showing a drop in Telangana's farmer income ranking and the state topping the nation in farmer suicides

"BRS boasted of being a farmer-friendly government, but official statistics show that Telangana's position dropped to 25th place in the country in terms of farmer income. The Centre's NCRB data showed that Telangana topped the states for farmer suicides. Rythu Bima insurance was extended to about 1.22 lakh farmers, which itself proves the number of farmer deaths during BRS regime. There is no crop insurance in the state, even though it would save farmers from losses. But the BRS government was keen on helping farmers after they died, instead of doing good for them while they are alive," Revanth Reddy said..

The Chief Minister disputed BRS's assertions of the highest per capita power consumption and questioned the credibility of claims regarding irrigation achievements. "The official CEA data shows that TS stands 10th in the country. They also made fake claims of providing irrigation to one crore acres in nine years. If that was so, why did borewells in Telangana increase from 19 lakh to 29 lakh in the past nine years? If irrigation water was given through canals, why did farmers dig lakhs of borewells since 2014? All these facts expose BRS government's false propaganda on development of Telangana," Reddy said.

He criticised the handling of educational exams and recruitment tests, citing leaked question papers and faulty evaluation that led to tragic consequences in 2019.

"SSC and Inter question papers were leaked. They were sold like peanuts at photocopy centres. Due to faulty evaluation of Inter answer scripts and errors in results in 2019, 25 students committed suicide. TSPSC question papers were leaked and sold. These instances happened due to corruption of BRS leaders who handed over these confidential works to their henchmen," Revanth Reddy said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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