BRS Govt Brought Peace: KCR

Except TS, no state supplies power 24 hours a day, says CM

Karimnagar: Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Tuesday declared that the BRS government brought peace to the countryside by introducing the Dharani online land registration system which was being sought to be destroyed by the Congress.

Addressing a huge public meeting in Sircilla, where minister K.T.Rama Rao is the BRS candidate, the Chief Minister warned farmers that if the Congress came to power, its leaders Rahul Gandhi and A Revanth Reddy would abolish Dharani, which he said, would result in robbing farmers their hard-earned rights over their own lands.

“You have the full authority and power over your land. By introducing Dharani, we eliminated the role of anyone, from the village level up to the Chief Minister, to interfere with your right to register your land, sell it, or keep it. Unless your thumbprint is there, nothing can be done. The Congress wants to undo this, rob you of your right,” he said.

The Dharani portal, he said, was a result of three years of brainstorming to ensure the safety of farmers’ land ownership. After Dharani’s introduction, the registration process became smooth, and 98 per cent of the farmers’ land had been secured. “The Congress wants to throw Dharani into the Bay of Bengal. Beware of what will happen if you vote for that party and it comes to power,” he said.

With the enormous development undertaken under the leadership of Rama Rao, Sircilla would soon be transformed on the lines of Solapur in adjoining Maharashtra, Chandrashekar Rao said.

Addressing a ‘Praja Ashirwada Sabha,’ he said: “There used to be more than 50 rice mills and the Sircilla region flourished from the cultivation of crops. But under the rule of the Congress in united Andhra Pradesh, all rice mills disappeared and the region became barren.”

“In 60 years of rule by the Congress government, every section of the public faced a lot of problems, including the weavers of Sircilla. During the Telangana movement, I visited Sircilla more than 100 times. On one visit, accompanied by Prof. Jayashankar, I saw a wall writing urging the weavers not to commit suicide,” he said.

He said that since the formation of Telangana, Rama Rao’s initiatives have led to weavers’ welfare and that the government introduced the Bathukamma sari distribution scheme for weavers of the region to live dignified lives.

Rapping Opposition parties, he said: “Instead of looking at the scheme with humanity, some of the cheap leaders of other parties are burning the saris. Who told them to wear saris? If they do not like it, don’t take it. Manufacturing of saris and school uniforms is saving the lives of the weavers.”

Moving on to irrigation, he said that the Upper Manair Dam was overflowing with water, even in summer, after eight decades, attributing it to the supply of water from the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (Klis).

“Telangana is the only state in the country which is supplying 24 hours of power. Even in Gujarat, from where Prime Minister Narendra Modi hails, 24 hours of power is not supplied,” he said.

Hitting out at the Congress’ agriculture policies, he said: “Congress leaders are saying that three hours of power supply is enough and BJP leaders are asking to fix meters to motor pump sets. Now, people should decide whether they want three hours or 24 hours of power supply.”

Rao also questioned how handloom machines could run if only three hours of power is supplied.

“It is the responsibility of the BRS government to fulfill all the requirements of various sections of people in the state. If weavers want their handloom machines to run continuously and farmers do not want meters to be fixed to motor pump sets, they must make the right voting choice,” he said.

Citing the preservation of religious harmony as another achievement of the BRS, he said: “During the Ganesh immersion process, elders of the Muslim community came forward to conduct the procession on the occasion of Milad-un-Nabi on another day. Ganga-Jamuni-Tehzeeb prevailed in the Telangana state. The people of Hindu and Muslim communities are living together.”

Referring to the Congress and BJP, Rao said that some leaders are coming with false promises while some others are coming to create communal disputes in the name of religion and communities. “People should think wisely before they vote for a party,” he said.

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