BJP MP questions AIMIM chief Owaisi on BRS govt\'s discrimination against Muslims

Nizamabad: BJP MP Arvind Dharmapuri questioned AIMIM president and MP Asaduddin Owaisi on why the BRS government was discriminating against Muslims by extending only a Rs 1 lakh Muslim Bandhu scheme.

"Is it Muslims are richer than Dalits or developed?" he asked.

The BRS government has announced Rs 10 lakh for Dalit Bandhu and Rs 1 lakh each for Muslim Bandhu and BC Bandhu, Dharmapuri said.

Speaking at a BJP activists meeting here on Tuesday, Dharmapuri said that Owaisi claims to be the representative of Muslims and has declared that he will sail with the BRS party in the Assembly elections.

"We welcome Rs 10 lakh Dalit Bandhu for Dalits, but at the same time why not announce Rs 10 lakh Muslim Bandhu?" he asked.

"For the last few days, I have raised this question whether BRS MLAs, MLCs, and ministers or Asaduddin Owaisi did not respond," Dharmapuri said.

The BRS government is duping Muslims, the BJP MP criticized.

The BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi treat all citizens equally and do not hate any religion, he said.

Muslims should vote for BJP candidates in the Assembly elections for integrated development, he said.

"The BJP will field a strong candidate in the Nizamabad urban Assembly constituency," he said.

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