KCR challenges BJP to get TS its share of Krishna water

CM inaugurates Palamuru RangaReddy Lift irrigation Scheme

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao on Saturday challenged BJP leaders from the Palamuru region to convince Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure the announcement of Telangana state’s share in Krishna River water. He called on people of the region to question anyone from the BJP on why Modi was not allowing Telangana state its share of river water.

Addressing a public meeting at Kollapur after switching on a giant pump at the Narlapur pump house to mark the official launch of the Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme (PRLIS), Chandrashekar Rao targeted the BJP, as well as the Congress, for holding back the development of the Palamuru region.

The Chief Minister said that while he was on his way from Narlapur to Kollapur, youths carrying BJP flags tried to run across his bus. “There is a BJP vice president here who claims ‘I am this, I am that’. If the Palamur region suffered for so long, it is because of useless leaders like these. If anyone comes carrying a BJP flag, ask them how they can go around shamelessly, and why they are silent even as BRS is fighting for water share,” he said.

On the issue of sharing Krishna water, Chandrashekar Rao said: “My appeal to people from Andhra Pradesh, and the Centre, is that we do not want to rob your water. We just want our share.”

Chandrashekar Rao also took aim at the Congress and the TD, saying while Congress governments destroyed the Telangana region, the TD, led by N. Chandrababu Naidu, kept projects in the region pending. “With elections coming, they will all come promising the moon. Question them on why they did nothing for Palamuru and obstructed and delayed projects,” he said.

Describing the inauguration of PRLIS as a day to be written in gold in Palamuru history, the Chief Minister said the government could have completed the project three years ago, blaming disruptive politicians from Mahbubnagar for creating hurdles. “Those useless politicians are enemies of Telangana,” he said.

He also recalled the history of the Jurala project and how the BRS questioned Chandrababu Naidu on why it was not being filled up. “Under our pressure, water came to Jurala.

At the same time, a leader from Kurnool, Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy, said if the sluice gates of Rajolibanda diversion schemes are closed, then he will use bombs to blow them open. My blood boiled and warned Byreddy that if he even stepped anywhere close to RDS, I would use 100 bombs to destroy the Sunkesula Barrage. Later, as I thought about it, I asked the media persons covering my padayatra if what I said was right; the response was that people thought there was finally a leader who could stand up to injustice,” he said.

Telangana state, he said, was on the path of development after decades of neglect and there is much more to be done. “Do not get swayed by others and support BRS to continue this work,” Rao said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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