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Rum and Omelette-Mangaluru councillor Ravichandra Gatti's home remedy for coronavirus

Published Jul 17, 2020, 5:32 pm IST
Updated Jul 17, 2020, 5:40 pm IST
The video which lasts 1.04 minutes is a mix of Kannada and the local lingo Tulu
Ravichandra Gatti (Video grab)
 Ravichandra Gatti (Video grab)

Mangaluru: He is back again, with a video. This time with a recipe of 'simple homemade medicine,' to cure COVID-19. Meet councillor Ravichandra Gatti from Karnataka. This is his second video in a fortnight. The earlier clip showed him criticising local MLA U T Khader.

Ravichandra Gatti is a Congress Councillor from Ullal Municipal Council, Mangaluru in Karnataka. For two days, a video of him is making the rounds on social media. In the viral video, he has suggested, a 'home remedy,' to recover from the deadly COVID-19 infection.


The video which lasts 1.04 minutes is in Kannada and the local lingo, Tulu. Gatti is seen holding a rum bottle in his hand ready to deliver a message to the already confused general public.

"Rum is the medicine for COVID virus. Add one spoon pepper powder (he uses the word edde munchi pudi in Tulu) to 60 or 90 ml of Rum. Stir it with your hand and drink it. Also, take two half-boiled eggs of omelette and spray pepper (again he uses the Tulu word) on it before consumption. And you have nothing to worry about corona. This is my remedy for COVID," he is heard saying in the video.


"There are many who drink rum in Bengaluru and Kodagu. But I do not drink. Neither do I eat fish," he starts the video with these lines.  

"I don't know about Doctors. I have tried various medicines. But this is my remedy for COVID. I may be a politician which is not important here. I am speaking as a citizen of India and as a COVID committee member," he says.

Again at the end of the video, Gatti repeats that rum, eggs, and pepper powder should be ideal medicine for Coronavirus.

In the earlier video also, Gatti had spoken about Corona and pulled up MLA Khader for not taking necessary steps.


"Some members tell me that beef is the remedy. Some say Khashaya is a cure," he is heard saying. He also claimed that he had Corona. In the video, he is heard blaming U T Khader.

When contacted, District Congress Committee (DCC) president and MLC Harish Kumar said that the party would take necessary action against Gatti.

"I have spoken to the block leaders to take necessary disciplinary action. Already a show-cause notice has been issued," Harish Kumar told Deccan Chronicle.

Location: India, Karnataka, Mangaluru