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Kerala: Maoists allege CPM tying up with BJP

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Published on: May 17, 2017 | Updated on: May 17, 2017

The journal has also called for open mass movement as much as possible.

The cover of the magazine Communist.

The cover of the magazine Communist.

Kochi: The banned Communist Party of India (Maoists) has accused the CPM heading the LDF government of joining hands with the BJP to unleash the attack on them.

The Communist, a political journal in English brought out by the Western Ghats Special Zonal Committee of the banned outfit, operating in the tri-junction of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka launched a blistering attack against the CPM for the death of two leaders in a police encounter in Nilambur forests in November.

Describing the incident as a "fake encounter", they said, "it exposed the unity of revisionist CPM and Hindutva forces" and the "left mask of Pinarayi Vijayan".

The 49-page journal in PDF format dealing with a variety of issues including candid observations about the issues faced by Maoists lamented simultaneous attacks on them by the government in urban and rural areas.

Terming it as "temporary phenomena" they called for overcoming "the weakness with clear-cut retaliation and developing the movement consistently".

Calling for paying serious attention to consolidation at political and organisational levels the ultra, however, cautioned against complacency.

"We should not be self-satisfied with temporary gains and impacts".

They have also called for "building secret mass organisations (SRMO)" to overcome the government action. "We should expand our mass base and concentrate on recruiting new forces to the party and PLGA."

On the restrictions imposed by the government, the Maoists called for paying more attention to "organisational remoulding in new methods".

The journal has also called for "open mass movement as much as possible".

Describing open mass movement as unavoidable in the contemporary political situation the journal asked for the expansion of the activities with strong "Bolshevik party structure".

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