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OPINION | Why does TRS shudder over Liberation Day?

Published Sep 17, 2022, 12:00 am IST
Updated Sep 17, 2022, 9:00 am IST
A file photo of BJP leader Sravan Dasoju. — By arrangement
 A file photo of BJP leader Sravan Dasoju. — By arrangement

It has been 75 years since Telangana (then Hyderabad state) people have been liberated from the tyranny of autocratic Nizam rule through the Indian government's police action, but present-day governments are not ready to celebrate the occasion and commemorate the sacrifices of those martyrs, who laid down their lives for the land.

Unfortunately, spineless politicians, narrow-minded priorities and vote bank politics have kept the most important historical moment, in the lives of Telangana people, under the wraps. But 'truth' cannot be hidden forever and sooner or later, it will reach those who are entitled to it.

Successive governments in between and TRS Sarkar now, have been hell-bent on not celebrating or even calling September 17, as the 'Liberation Day". Why are the leaders of these political parties so frightened about the Liberation Day? Why is it that they have been ignoring the long pending people’s demand to celebrate September 17 officially as the Liberation Day?

The standard refrain that we hear from these politicos is that the minority community will be offended. This is nothing but gross humiliation of Komuram Bheem, Shoibulla Khan and others who fought against the tyrannical rule of Nizams and stood against the atrocities of the Razakars. Because, those who participated in Telangana rebellion not just fought the tyrannical Nizam, but the feudal chieftains, Doras and Patels, who exploited and oppressed people belonging to poor and downtrodden sections.

Many legendary revolutionaries like Doddi Komarayya, Ravi Narayana Reddy, Chakali Ilamma and others took on not just autocratic Nizam but also the feudal landlords and chiefs spread all over Telangana, who brutally oppressed people and looted them.

Thus the very idea of 'celebrating Liberation Day will hurt Muslims' emotions,' reeks of murky vote bank politics psyche, ignorance of facts and is a huge disservice to the history and culture of Telangana. Because the Liberation Day is seen as a triumph of people's movement against the autocratic Nizam, Razakar Militia and feudal oppression in Telangana and it is not against any particular community.

Both during Telangana Armed Struggle and during the Operation Polo (police action taken up by Indian Union under Iron Man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for the annexation of Hyderabad state into Indian Union) the aim was to put an end to the Nizam's feudal monarchy and make Telangana part of a democratic India.

Those who participated in the Telangana rebellion comprised of people belonging to all communities and sections, and their sole aim was to free Telangana from the shackles of Nizam and his feudal landlords, who ruthlessly implemented his firmans to fill the coffers, at the expense of people belonging to disadvantaged sections.

In fact both during the Telangana rebellion and during the Operation Polo, many intellectuals and influencers from the Muslim community also stood against the Nizam and the Razakars and made efforts for the Liberation of Hyderabad state, as atrocities started to become unbearable and unrest engulfed the region. In fact Razakars, the militia of Nizam has not just attacked Hindus but it oppressed even many Muslim intellectuals and leaders, who opposed Nizam's tyrannical rule and excesses of Razakars.

The legendary journalist Shoaibullah Khan was brutally murdered by Razakars for writing against Nizam rule and supporting Hyderabad state's annexation to Indian Union.

Due to political opportunism, all the governments, which came into power in the region, tried to suppress the truth and facts and mislead people regarding Hyderabad Liberation Day. In this process, they have disregarded the suffering and sacrifices of people and also humiliated all those who struggled valiantly and selflessly against a very authoritative dictator and feudal landlords but also distorted history indiscriminately.

While the AIMIM tried to polarise minority community votes by portraying the Telangana Armed Struggle and the Operation Polo as those taken up against the Muslim community, the successive governments never questioned it or took steps to correct it. Because the minorities were treated as a vote bank and it was found convenient to support the AIMIM's fake propaganda for political benefits.

Now even after the formation of Telangana, TRS founder and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao is also committing the same mistake that successive governments have committed all through the decades. Instead of presenting the facts before the public and revealing the real history behind Sep 17 Liberation Day, KCR is bowing to AIMIM's pressure for sheer vote bank politics and misleading people.

The actions opposing Liberation Day symbolise outdated thought processes, fake propaganda, prejudice and crooked politics. These politicians who try to position themselves as champions of the minority community, however, have done the least for the community.

When compared to other communities, minorities in Telangana have been languishing in poverty with no access to even basic education, health and employment opportunities. These so-called politicians, who play with the emotions of minorities seeing them as a pure vote bank, ironically turn mute when it comes to the development and empowerment of minorities.

But new India deserves better politics and truthful perspectives, and authentic history. It is high time we present before the Telangana population, irrespective of religion, caste and economic conditions, that all those martyrs who laid down their lives in Telangana Armed Struggle fought the Nizam, Razakars and feudal chieftains and it is because of their selfless and courageous fight that today we are able to live respectful and free lives. In fact, legendary personalities like Shoaibullah Khan, Makhdoom Mohiuddin and others from the Minority community galvanized people against Nizam and Razakars and championed the idea of annexation of Hyderabad state into the Indian Union.

So, let's keep aside petty politics and strive for a united and harmonious Telangana. The Union government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has decided to take up year-long official celebrations to commemorate Hyderabad Liberation Day on Sep 17 Parade Grounds.  Union minister Amit Shah will be the chief guest. These official celebrations are an effort to take the truth behind Hyderabad Liberation Day to every household in Telangana and commemorate the sacrifices of martyrs who laid down their lives and dreamt of a Telangana without discrimination, suppression and inequalities. In addition to paying rich tributes to the Telangana Martyrs, let us also pledge to redefine the history and dispel the fake propaganda that the Telangana Armed Struggle was against the tyrannical ruler and anarchic Feudalism but not against a community or religion.

Further, these liberation day celebrations should also awaken the people to fight against the present dictatorship rule which is similar to erstwhile Nizam’s rule in Telangana and strive towards restoring democratic Telangana with social justice, equality and liberty.

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad


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