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Alla Kalikrishna Srinivas refuses recommendations for transfers

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Published on: August 15, 2019 | Updated on: August 15, 2019

Nani tells employees to abide by rules, render services with commitment.

Alla Kalikrishna Srinivas

Alla Kalikrishna Srinivas

KAKINADA: Deputy Chief Minister Alla Kalikrishna Srinivas (Nani) refused to make recommendations for transfer of employees and he made it clear that employees should not waste their valuable time by absconding from their duties.

According to sources, the government has done transfers to the employees and the process has been completed one month ago.

However, several employees, including men and women, have been trying to meet the MLAs, ministers and other influential persons in the government for getting deputations, promotions and transfers to their old places where they had worked previously.

But  Nani doesn’t entertain such employees and made it clear that they need not come to him for such proposals. He said that the transfer process has been completed as per the government norms and guidelines.

But, some of the employees have been approaching the MLAs and ministers to make deputations to the same old posts or the cities where they attended duties, though they have been continuing for long years.

He said that the government has given a chance to the employees for getting their transfers where they want.

But, the government did not allow them at the same places, after completing five years of service in the same place.

He said that majority of the employees expressed satisfaction. But, some of the employees want to cling to their old posts, but it is not possible for them. He said the government, including ministers and the officials concerned, have been working hard for rendering better services to the people from dawn to night. He exhorted the employees to abide by the government rules and render their services with commitment.

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