MLA Perni Raises His Slippers Against Pawan Kalyan

VIJAYAWADA: YSR Congress leaders are up-in-arms against Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan. Former minister and YSRC MLA Perni Venkataramaiah raised his two slippers in a warning against Pawan and said, “We will not tolerate any abuse of Chief Minister Jagan Reddy or maligning of the YSRC government.”

Earlier, Pawan had raised one of his chappals against the YSRC for calling him the ‘Adopted Son of Chandrababu Naidu’.

The MLA claimed that Pawan was working hard to bring Naidu back to power and that he had formed Jana Sena for the sake of TD.

Addressing a press meet here on Thursday, the MLA said it would have been more appropriate if Pawan had named his campaign vehicle 'Nara' Vahi as he was working for Chandrababu Naidu.

He said, "Pawan is constantly displaying his slippers, but let me show you my two slippers. Beware, Pawan! You will be crushed. I am displaying both of my slippers to you. Don't engage in film dialogues and meaningless chatter. We are capable of doing the same."

Recalling alliance of 2014 BJP-JS-TD, breaking of the same in 2019 and the present efforts for alliance of the three parties, the MLA asked, “How many times did you (Pawan) hold Chandrababu's shirt and Narendra Modi's coat? It has been nine years since you told me to vote for Narendra Modi. How many times have you held the coat for Modi's mistakes in these nine years? How many times did you hold Chandrababu's folded shirt? I have never seen Chandrababu's shirt torn ever.”

MLA Nani recalled that Chandrababu, BJP and Pawan Kalyan ran the government together from 2014 to 2019. He asked why Pawan did not question Naidu on the corruption of Janma Bhoomi committees and other illegalities. He pointed out that there was no response from Pawan when Harish Rao insultingly spoke about Andhra Pradesh and the Andhra people here.

Mentioning Pawan’s statement that he will happily accept the post of Chief Minister, the MLA said Pawan needs to get half the seats first if he wants to be CM and “this will never happen.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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