Revanth slams Arvind Kumar for making public legal notice

Hyderabad: Taking exception to the public issuance of a legal notice, TPCC president A. Revanth Reddy slammed MA&UD special chief secretary for “behaving like a politician and using language unbecoming of service rules he is bound by” in connection with the Outer Ring Road issue.

“His letter is intended to benefit the executive that is the ruling party, BRS. The notice cannot be made public and should have been issued in person or through registered post,” Revanth said.

“More than 50 per cent of the ORR is in my constituency. The questions I raised were raised by the affected people. New aspects around Dharani are coming out as we examine it. The claim of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao that the website was created after working on it for three years is a lie. It has been adopted from the Odisha government, which launched its own Dharani in 2010,” Revanth Reddy said.

Finding fault with the public assertions of Chandrashekar Rao, Revanth said, “The Telangana government’s CCLA commissioner has on record said in the High Court that there are 32 problems (with Dharani) and has sought time from the court to fix them. Why did they say this in the court? It is set to be heard again tomorrow.”

Saying that the Odisha government dropped the site in 2015 after CAG raised questions on it, Revanth Reddy said: “The IL&FS company which was given the contract to manage Dharani website by the Telangana state government is a bankrupt company, which evaded Rs 90,000 crore to banks. It created a subsidiary, TerraCIS Technologies Ltd, which did the work.”

“The government has given our data to a foreign company in violation of data protection rules. Who gave them the right to give our data to a foreign company? One Sridhar Raju currently manages the data,” he said.

Delving into the money trail of collections made through the Dharani website, Revanth said, “Officials tell me that the site has so far collected some Rs 50,000 crore, of which Rs 10,000 crores is still with the company. Money is collected repeatedly for a single transaction if it remains unresolved.”

“There is no means for refund of public money but claim it has been refunded. Who is benefitting from this situation? I demand a forensic audit of all the 25 lakh transactions which have happened so far from October 29, 2020. My allegation is KCR and his son KTR are cyber fraudsters.

Can’t the Centre, which is probing an alleged Rs 100 crore liquor scam, not take cognisance of this and probe?” Revanth Reddy said.

“Why did Mulki rules come into existence historically? The changes which came because of Telangana armed struggle and Naxal movements are being frittered away to Sridhar Raju, who can change the ownership of lands,” he alleged.

“I want the government to release the CRISIL report, Mazars Advisory LLP report, base price of the tender and monthly ORR income for the last three years. HMDA has so far not replied to my RTI query,” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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