Ticket aspirants bank on birthday celebrations to showcase their strength

Political analysts say that such moves may benefit party high commands as it will reveal the differences among members within their party

ADILABAD: Keeping next year’s elections in view, aspiring candidates of the Congress and TRS are leaving no stone unturned to make their claim for a ticket, with the latest being grand celebrations of their birthdays at banquet halls with their supporters and party leaders, in a show of strength.

A TRS Zilla Parishad chairman in Boath Assembly constituency has decided to celebrate his birthday at a function hall in Neredigonda and is inviting political leaders, youth leaders and community elders, according to sources.

The same is the case with an active Congress leader, who is aspiring for a party ticket to contest from the Khanapur Assembly constituency. He has made arrangements to celebrate his birthday on a grand scale in Utnoor, it was revealed.

Political analysts said that such moves may also benefit party high commands as it will reveal the differences among members within their party, by analysing those who were not invited.

Even as sitting MLAs are undecided over whether they should attend such events, followers of ticket aspirants have already started putting up hoardings and flex boards for the occasions.

A senior Congress leader of Boath said, “I received a call from a TRS leader inviting me for birthday celebrations. First-time ticket aspirants are celebrating their birthday on a grand scale to show their strength to their respective parties and to send signals to the party high command that he or she is also a strong contender for the party ticket to contest the next assembly elections.”

With many political leaders having acquaintances or even friends in other parties who may have jumped ship, it remains to be seen how the presence of leaders of opposing parties is viewed, the leader said.

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