Vijayawada: Punters read signs on EVM buttons

Dealers take opinions of poll agents, political pundits.

Vijayawada: Surveys conducted by various organisations are in hot demand among punters, who are also inquiring about polling trends from election officials, polling agents, police, political analysts, journalists, and second rung leaders to gain a better insight into the polling trends in order to be able to predict the outcome of the elections.

While most surveys have predicted the YSRC winning between 100 and 130 seats and 60 and 70 seats for the TD, a section of the vernacular media has predicted the ruling party staying in power with ith 110 to 130 seats.

Polling staff observe the voters from beginning and are expected to have a clear idea of their general disposition.

Punters have been been contacting polling officials, especially in the hot seats from where top leaders contested, to extract information from them, based on which they are placing bets.

Agents of the TD, YSRC, and Jana Sena on the condition of anonymity said that voters' postures while casting votes could indicate their preferences to a keen observer.

They said minority agents were very well aware of the poll trends in their respective booths and that they may have reported the outcome to the candidates.

A poll official on the condition of anonymity said that on every EVM, the button which was pressed more number of times by voters would show signs of wear and change slightly in colour. This was a giveaway, they said.

Punters K. Ramaraju, V. Sateesh and M. Anjaiah (names changed) said that most punters were inquiring agents, journalists, poll officials, police, and senior political analysts about polling trends.

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