YSRC leaders to sleep in dalit areas

YSRC aims to work for the upliftment of Dalits who continue to be victims of social discrimination, said Mr Jagan.

VIJAYAWADA: YSRC president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy and party leaders reiterated that, taking inspiration from Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar, YSRC would continue to stand by the poor.

YSRC leader had paid tributes to Dalit icon Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar on his 127th birth anniversary across the state and observed Ambedkar Jayanti as ‘Save Constitution Day’.

YSRC aims to work for the upliftment of Dalits who continue to be victims of social discrimination, said Mr Jagan. He paid floral tributes at Tadepalli night camp and all the leaders of YSRC across the state garlanded the statue and portraits of Dr Ambedkar.

Across the state on Saturday night, in all 175 constituencies, YSRC leaders are conducting Palle Nidra (an overnight stay in Dalit Colony) camp at Dalit Colonies on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti. They will talk to Dalits on their problems faced by the community.

CM’s hunger strike is Konga Japam: Jagan

Calling Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu as 420, YSRC chief Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy compared Naidu’s proposed day-long hunger strike on April 20 with Konga Japam that lacks commitment.

He addressed a huge gathering at Chittinagar junction in the city on Saturday. He said Mr Naidu had backtracked on the special category status issue by not allowing TD MPs to resign en masse or sit on fast unto death like YSRC MPs. He added if all the 25 MPs from the state including those belonging to TD had resigned, the entire nation would have looked at Andhra Pradesh. There would have been a discussion on special category status across the country with which the Centre would have come down and accorded the status.

“Naidu’s birth date is 420 so the title fits him. He is now onto another drama by resorting to a day-long fast on his birthday. It will be like Konga Japam which lacks commitment.” he said.

Mr Jagan also accused Naidu of insider trading in selecting the capital city in and around Tulluru. He said his government had leaked that the capital will be coming up in Nuzvid or Eluru and quietly bought lands at cheaper rates from farmers in and around Tullur. Those lands belonging to Naidu’s men comes under real estate category and those belonging to farmers will be categorised as agriculture zone. He ridiculed that Naidu was constructing an illusionary city ‘Bhramavati’, not Amaravati as until now, not even a single permanent brick was laid for the capital city. Mr Naidu failed to complete the Kanaka Durga flyover but claims to recreate Singapore or Japan in Amaravati.

The YSRC chief also said that Mr Naidu had gone back on many poll promises and his rule was full of lies, betrayal and corruption. He cautioned the public that Naidu in 2019 polls will offer a kilo gold and Benz car to every household to win polls. He said if TD men offer '3,000 per vote, Jagan asked the public to demand Rs 5,000 as it is their money but appealed them to vote with conscience.

Jagan’s padayatra entered Krishna district at Vijayawada on Saturday. Former MLA and TD leader Yalaman-chili Ravi joined YSRC in the presence of Jagan. Ending all speculations Vangaveeti Radha also joined Jagan in the padayatra. There were reports in the past that Radha was miffed with YSRC leadership and looking at options to join TD.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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