If Parrikar wants to be 'sultan for two days' he is welcome to do so: Congress

BJP forming government through Governors and indulging in unfair and illegal manipulation, says Congress.

New Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday accused the BJP of forming governments through governors and indulging in "unfair and illegal manipulation" in state after state.

It also said if Manohar Parrikar wants to be a 'sultan of two days' he can be so and exuded confidence of winning the floor test in Goa.

Talking to reporters, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said, "Unfortunately, the BJP is now becoming an expert in creating governments through governors, whereas government creation is the work of the people who vote."

He added that "government creation is neither from the governors nor from the party to whom the governor earlier belonged and "still appears to be acting for".

Noting that peoples' mandate has been held to be an intrinsic part of democracy and democracy has been held to be intrinsic part of basic structure, he said, "The basic structure even the Parliament of India, by a Constitutional Amendment cannot alter.

"But BJP is managing it successfully in state after state through Governor and through a complete whole scale violation, complete jettisoning of all constitutional principles."

"... This is a clear attempt to nullify peoples' mandate," Singhvi said.

The Congress leader added that repeatedly "the BJP should not exult or triumph on fait accomplis. You are dancing on the corpses of democracy because you are pointing the fingers which you have unfairly and illegally manipulated in state after state."

Claiming that the numbers are with the Congress, Singhvi said, "According to us, the sworn-in chief minister has no hope of continuing as he will lose the floor test."

Hailing the Supreme Court verdict, he said, "Today 50 per cent of the governor's order has been interfered with by the Supreme Court... The court has significantly interfered by giving the democracy a live chance through a live floor test."

The Congress leader said even though the swearing-in has not been stayed, the court has clearly said that the floor test could not be later than tomorrow.

"If the BJP wants a chief minister for two days, it is up to them. After that, he will lose the floor test... If Manohar Parrikar wants to be a 'sultan of two days', he is welcome to be so," he said.

The Congress leader said of the three states, where the BJP lost, they have tried to subvert the people's mandate.

In Goa, he said, a party which has been decreased from 21 to 9 seats and where the chief minister loses in two seats, "how is it possible for the governor to appoint a chief minister? How can the governor appoint a chief minister within 24 hours and notify it via a press release."

Asked if the Congress was moving court over government formation in Manipur, Singhvi said, "We are keeping all our options open."

Singhvi said the Sarkaria Commission clearly sets the process to work it out and the sequence must be to call the single largest party.

"How is it possible that in a democracy, one doesn't even call the largest party. The governor of Manipur invited the BJP, when the latter had not even elected their Legislative party leader. The Congress wrote on March 12 with a letter from the President of NPP that they have the numbers to form Government," he claimed.

( Source : PTI )
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